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  1. Heres a couple of pictures of a Vepr 12 we at Tac 47 have done with the new Chaos Vepr 12 Rail. Sorry about the Photo Quality it was took on the phone. The Rail really makes it look mean IMO.
  2. Also, with the extended rail depending on where you mount your optic. You can have it shell deflection off your sight base. Move er up a bit or mover er back.
  3. que pistola? ti quero Armas... Just a joke so if it dont make since I dont care.
  4. Did the guy sound south African...
  5. You can use the crush washers, or just loosen the screws a little and add a dab of blue loctite. It will be common if you over tighten any rail.
  6. Any House siding experts in Houston. Im looking to Side my house. Willing to do Gun Trades. Also does anybody have previous experience on there house, tip, cost ect. my House is a 2k SQF two story. Thanks.
  7. I might know somebody who can build one... 21833_108329345845789_100000061713502_221289_3617289_n1.jpg 1240_555487501129969_1422556816_n1.jpg947357_609859482359437_1612593004_n1.jpg Too Funny, We spent all day Making my Pig Flipper, and the little pig was quite tasty. Lets build a smoker next
  8. @ Yeodetool -- Sorry that I've arrived late to this party. Damn. . . a few weeks ago I threw away almost a dozen 5 Vegas Golds just to make room in my humidor for a recent order of Liga Privada No.9's that I received. Anyway. . . My two absolute favs are God of Fire Carlito, and My Father Le Bijou. The God of Fires are somewhat expensive. . . but worth it to my palate. (I'm able to score the God of Fires once to twice a year, courtesy of cigarbid.com.) Speaking of humidors, mine was custom made out of hickory, pictured below: Looks Awesome Gary
  9. Travistp are you really in Houston asking this question.
  10. Man I sure do like that oversize Knob.
  11. Welcome to the ownership....
  12. Also make sure your Autoplug ports are in the ten and two position. IF your plug is not in the detent it will cut your gas off. Understanding the mechanics of your weapon is the first step towards understanding what parts do what to it and why.
  13. We have, we have them both sometimes the customer likes the Trijicon somtimes the XS. both are nice but i prefer the xs big dot.
  14. I posted 9 more Adds a couple made it then shortly after were banned. Its funny I changed all my pictures to a autoplug and Kalashnikitty. Still Denied. I am starting to hate Facebook
  15. Im tired of all the censorship, the underhanded Gun Control that Never received a vote. Its banks freezing Gun shops account, paypal denying any firearm transactions, comcast no longer allows any sort of firearm adds, ebay and many more taking action against our freedom. Now facebook reviewing my hard earned Facebook page, My customers Liked my page and each like was hard earned. Now they are going to delete my page becuase I promoted an add about some Eotechs. Wow.. just shaking my head about how uncool i must be because I believe and cherish my second ammendment rights. Sorry for the rant folks and the grammer.. Just a little pissed. Facebook just sent me a email that says my accounts under review for termination. Due to a violation of there policy. Here is a cut from the ADD that got me in the trouble "Tac 47 is Trying to Promote a Facebook add that has nothing to do with any violation of FB policy. This add will be Denied unjustly just as all previous adds, whilst violating no FB policy. Any add or post Tac 47 post, Gets denied for Violations. Let see if this ADD gets Pulled or Denied too.." I promoted this with 50 Bucks. Check out the add that Gets Tac 47 Kick from FB. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tac-47-Industries/157066850988572?ref=hl I am pissed off I put an add out there for some Eotechs and they banned it for "We have a Sale on Eotechs, Night Vision, Thermal and IR. We have Eotechs in stock and a new shipments of NV and Thermal Gear comming".. Here is the violation: We do not allow ads for ammunition, firearms, Paintball guns, BB guns, or other weapons, including but not limited to: knives, daggers, swords, bows, arrows, knuckle dusters, and nunchucks
  16. Will Look into it thanks.
  17. Yes the Code is tac47 . It is for forum members You can use it at the new sight www.tac47.com
  18. Awesome video, and cool rail Cam, looks Good. Cliff
  19. I have read enough... I told you, bring it in and we will weld it.. As far as better quality than us It aint going to happen. I am not sure why yours broke, but damn sure we can make it work for you I have done more than i can count and your seems to need some extra. However theres nothing that paully or any body else for that matter does better. NEED TO SEND IT TO SOMEONE ELSE.... YOU ALREADY HAVE THE BADDEST GUN YOU CAN BUY. ... we warranty all of our work. and at no charge to you will fix your charging handle and it wont come off again. I have sent you emails and requested the Carrier for repair. Im not sure to what you intent to do by soliciting someone to do it better or questioning the quality of our work but our quality is bar none. Every welder at our shop, has welded ten plus years at a minimum and I assure you we have it down. and to the posters ...MPI a charging handle is laughable over kill this is not a critical weld. If you want particle it .. im dont think it would cost you 90 buck any more.
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