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  1. I got my .308 first, largely because I wanted something that'd go through a class II vest. The bug bit me hard, and I ended up putting about $600 into the gun that originally cost me $450. Last october I finally got the s12. . . and yesterday I bought 2 md-20 drums for it. (haven't gotten around to the conversion yet. Probably in a month.) I voted s12 due to the prices raising faster on those than the .308.
  2. I have a standard russian steel quick release scope mount for mine, and while heavy, it is nice and solid. As for what you need, you need only the scope mount, and the scope+rings+mounting tools. The mount doesn't require any tools to lock into place, it slips on and has a tightening lever. (At least the russian quick-release one does) YMMV with other mounts. Just mount the scope to the rail, and you're set. Be sure to tighten everything down sufficiently though, as a .308 has enough recoil to it to knock a poorly fastened scope off its zero.
  3. Why would a driver be upset at having to deliver to you? I mean seriously, the couple times I've dealt with y'all you've been great. Hopefully it isn't an "OMFG!! Gunstore!! Scareey!!" issue. Yanno, I bet the s12s are just sleeping of a Corky's coma. Mmmmm Corkys.
  4. Have you even looked around here a little bit? Every subforum has a stickied picture thread. The nice thing about Saigas is that the same stock fits all of them, so you can look through ALL the different picture threads for "the right stock". Here's the S12 thread to get you started: Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12! - Saiga-12.com Been around for a year and a half, including converting my .308 based on one of the faqs here. So. . . yes? Issue I have with the general photo threads is that often there isn't a lot of information about what was done. If someone shoehorned an und
  5. After having my s.308 for a year and a half, and having done a very successful conversion, I finally got my s12. I'm mostly wanting it as a "for fun" gun, though if I can get it short enough, I might end up making it a pack gun. So. . . I'm looking for stocks for a s12, and ideally pictures of S12s with the stocks on 'em. Ideally I'm looking for an underfolder, but side or topfolders would be useful. Aside from that. . . any other stock that is useful/interesting on converted s12s. Any experiences with mounting or using these stocks would be appreciated.
  6. I just finished my conversion (.308, not x39) and I can tell you that it was both easier and harder than I expected. Easier in that all the work was more simple than I thought. Harder because the charger for my hand drill blew. I recommend just going for it. What you need: 1/4th " cobalt (or other metal drilling material) drill bit. About $4 up here. The FCG. ~$40 to $55. I got mine from Dinzag. Very pleased. FCG retention plate: $12 from dinzag, IIRC. You can skip this if you like messing around with the retention spring inside. I bought this on faith on the recommendation of seve
  7. A couple thoughts: IMO, there are too many pinned discussions at the top of each forum. It would be in the best interest of the newbies to look at the threads and cull those that are no longer relivant. (Like some of the magazine threads from companies that are no longer shipping magazines.) Likewise some forums (namely the tech and conversion forums) don't have enough easily accessible information. It gets frustrating to wade through years and years of posts to get to the answers you're looking for, only to discover that the information you've found doesn't apply to the particular s
  8. Success!! Gun range tomorrow, and then report+pictures! Thanks SOPMOD, Dinzag, and anyone else who offered advice.
  9. Was the conversion information you were reading for a different caliber? 308s don't have the same bizarre trigger linkage that other calibers have.The two axis pins for the hammer and trigger are held in place via a lip on the pin inside the left interior wall of your receiver and there will be a wire that goes into that lip in both pins.Press the wire out of the way and the pins will wiggle out with little effort but the hammer and trigger parts the pins go though are under spring tension so you be advised. Thanks, exactly what I needed. Now I just need to determine how I want to connect
  10. All the info I've read said that the two silver pins should come out easily, but mine seem pretty firmly in place. Any advice?
  11. Payment incoming for two. You get that stripclip guide working, and I'll be a very happy customer.
  12. What is available? How much work is involved? What tools are needed? What costs are involved?
  13. Something that slides over would be fine, if it isn't too big, or even better had some way to attach to the bottom of the mag. I'll take two. . . how would you like payment?
  14. I run a saiga .308, and bought the tapco t4 stock. I ran the gun unconverted for 3 months, and am annoyed at the low general quality of the trigger. Replacing the trigger on the saiga is cheaper than on just about any other firearm I've owned, and gets rid of most people's complaints about the firearm. Also shortening the gun by a couple inches is beneficial, IMO.
  15. Allright. Just sent in the order, got the FCG, pistol nut, and retainer plug. If this works out well I might do a saiga 12 next.
  16. And what do I need to buy? I was thinking the Dinzag FCG for the .308. but I also need a pistol grip nut. Aside from the FCG, what do I need? I've read that there is a lot of variation between various .308s making some easier, and others more difficult. . . what should I look for? Also, moving the trigger guard means the lower screwhole for my stock is nolonger there, where do you attach the lower part of the stock to? Anyone know a good URL for a .308 conversion vid? Most of what I can find is for the other guns, and they seem to be slightly different.
  17. Some food for thought: I'd love a fore-rail that was long enough to fit a bayonet onto.
  18. I'm looking to add a bipod/handgrip. (Actually a gripod. I don't want to spend a ton of money, either. I think the tri/quad-rail systems are ugly, overpriced, and overrated.
  19. I'd take it apart, clean the gas tube, and try it again. IF that doesn't do it, return it to RAA.
  20. [zen] Information! [/zen] I bought a battlepack of .308 today, mostly to demonstrate to a gun-ignorant friend exactly what a (strip)clip is. In doing so, I've decided that it would be quite cool if there was a notch in the mag so you could load it directly from the 5 round strip clips floating around out there. (Heck, I might even reuse my strippers) This would be a value-added feature to the mags, that might be trivial to do in the manufacturing process. And since I should be pretty high up on your list of beta testers. . . . thoughts?
  21. The second issue is the reason many people "convert" their saigas. Converting fixes the problem. What sort of trouble are you referring to? Failure to eject? I've never had any failure at ALL with mine.
  22. I didn't notice the OP was 2 years old. OTOH the 6 replies previous to mine were from yesterday. Guess you didn't notice that, eh?
  23. Welcome back, even though I have NO idea who you are! (heh)
  24. The worst type of revisionism, imo. Iran and pakistan, two muslim countries, were among the first countries to send their condolences, offer their unconditional support, and denounce the terrorist acts. Iran is, in theory, a democracy. Most of the countries in the area are fairly peaceful monarchies. Lumping Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar, and Jordan in with Iraq and Afghanistan is oversimplifying at best, and outright dishonest at the worst. They don't need to. Our own actions, including posts/letters like these do that for us. The student populations of most of the arab countries
  25. The most interesting thing in this thread (to me) is the 30-06 in GOB's picture. Where're those!!
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