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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Machinist. Truthfully, I don't think anyone is going to live up to that label, least of all me. I do feel really privileged to be a part of this community, and to have the opportunity to participate and contribute Where else in the world are you going find Chili's red snapper recipes, and Evl's short barreled shotgun guides in the same space?
  2. Sure Machinist. My background is originally in precious metals jewelry design and fabrication. Back in 2008, jewelers were getting robbed right and left on the road, and when I saw the S12 on display at my local gun shop, I knew I had to have it. After my first trip to the range with the Saiga, I was really disappointed with the gun, and considered selling it in favor of coach gun or a pump, but I didn't. This was an honest to god AK action 12 gauge shotgun, I'd seen videos others had posted of this gun running like a scalded dog, and I was determined that mine would too. So, I found m
  3. Roger on the FCG. As Mullet Man pointed out, the gun was originally destined for RAA, and was then imported by TGI. Converted guns with original FCG holes welded up will typically have telltale "nubs" left over inside the receiver. It really doesn't matter whether your gun was imported as currently configured, or was converted from an imported sporterized gun after the fact. What matters is the way the gun performs. If it performs to expectations (and this is a relative consideration), and you are happy with the gun, you have a winner. If it doesn't, it can most likely be modified.
  4. Aside from the importer marking, it looks like a Fime Group/K-Var iteration of a Saiga IZ-109. If there aren't any indications of anything being welded up, the the gun could have been imported in original, non-sporterized form. Leaving the standard AK rail installed on the left side of the gun is a clear indication the gun is an amateur build because the rail is completely useless with a left hand charging handle, and just gets in the way. Trigger looks Russian, although the hammer looks like it might be a Tapco G2. Pistol grip is Israeli. Handguard is from K-Var, sold as "US", but pro
  5. Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year!
  6. With regard to current KS-12 and Saiga IZ-109 shotguns, some level of customization is necessary to install AK furniture. Dinzag (an S12 forum vendor) manufactures and sells this set up which will work with the KS-12 or Saiga IZ-109: http://www.dinzagarms.com/saiga_12/aks12.html
  7. An adjustable gas system would be a big plus. A category winner really. They have the tooling, so let's keep our fingers crossed. The big news in this that the Saiga drought is over. Whether they roll out the new models quickly or slowly, in my estimation K-USA has demostrated that they can deliver the goods. That's HUGE!
  8. Agreed. Not so long ago a US made Saiga assembled from top notch materials, with operating parts machined from solid billet was almost too much to hope for. Given the way these are made, a $900 price tag isn't surprising. Hopefully (since the factory already has the capability to create one) we'll see a Version 030 iteration of the gun sometime in the not too distant future.
  9. Pretty much everything. Front and rear trunnions, and gas block all appear to be machined from billet. On the early gun I have the upper portion of bolt is clearly machined from billet, lower portion appeared to be a good quality casting. On the later guns I've worked on, both upper and lower bolt portions appear to be machined. Bolt carrier appears to be completely machined as well. Might be machined from a forged blank, but it sure looks, works, and feels like milled billet to me. Fire control group - trigger and disconnector are standard Tapco G2 single hook hardware (castings). T
  10. "Not a lot of information/review of the ks12 so I rolled the dice and purchased one via atlantic." Have had one for six months. Rebuilt the same gun, and thoroughly range tested this gun, and many other KS-12's in different configurations with a wide range of ammo (low base 1200 FPS bird shot to 1400 + FPS high base ammo). The gun is every bit the shotgun that the Saiga is and more. After tearing down and rebuilding several of these guns, its clear that there is virtually no difference between the Kalashnikov USA KS-12, and the Russian Saiga 12. The guns are functionally completely id
  11. Binge watched, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire show except for the inexplicably detailed gratuitous sex scenes. Had me wondering if someone like Weinstein (or equivalent) influenced production, and deliberately fucked up the sequences for personal 'satisfaction'. Creators did a better job of portraying the effects of carnage than we typically see on network TV shows, but ended up grossy understating the effects of trauma, and recovery time sustained from equivalent real world violence. All that being said, it was pretty entertaining.
  12. Haha! Got a laugh out of that response The tradition is based on an old superstition that when giving knives, the receiver of the gift must give something in return to avoid severing the relationship/friendship.
  13. Dreizack, Solingen Germany. Some of the finest kitchen knives in the world. http://www.wusthof.com/ Remember to enclose a penny, so she can give it to you in return when she receives knives as a gift.
  14. Hey buddy! Long time no see Glad you're back and posting on the forum. Congrats on the win! Mike
  15. Prohibited person twice over. DD, and domestic violence conviction. From news reports, it sounds like he was equipped to repeat this horrific act at other scenes, and was shot by a lawfully armed citizen responding to the shooting. We'll never know how many more lives were saved, but thanks to quick and heroic actions of a good guy with a gun, many innocent lives were likely saved.
  16. Spent the day working in the shop, and tuned in to a live feed from Austin. Given the hype from both sides, I was pleased to see that everything was peaceful. Not exactly civil discourse - but also not exactly uncivil. Got some work done in the shop, and great shotgun photos ( forthcoming gun porn), so all in all, a pretty good day.
  17. Look, you live in a country that provides the opportunity to compete equally, and capture multi-million dollar contracts in exchange for athletic performance regardless of race, religion, creed etc., etc.. Here on planet Earth, that's a pretty goddanm good gig. Where else on this planet are your going to get that opportunity? You exotic car driving, diamond watch wearing, mansion buying, whore mongering, big spending high rollers, aren't going to find a better deal any where else. Want to play football in a day-glo orange hijab? As long as you're wearing a regulation helmet over it
  18. Headline from Yahoo News: "Uranus will be visible to the naked eye tonight -- here's how to see it" https://www.yahoo.com/news/uranus-visible-naked-eye-tonight-151200988.html
  19. Happy Birthday Juggs. "May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand." - Irish Blessing
  20. Oh I see it now.. Yep that is a problem. Looks like the part was set in the process machine incorrectly which cause the pocket to be formed incorrectly.. It did not wear out, the part was made wrong. Gosh. I see it now. Amazing that no matter how many of these come through the door, there's always something new.
  21. Inserting, and imposing a left Stalinist political agenda into every aspect of public life and media is how the left attempts to do what they could not do at the ballot box.
  22. My observations are solely based upon practical experience. I cut all of my SGM 12 round mags down to 8 rounds years ago, and they continue to serve me just as well as brand new SGM 8 round mags. Made no modifications to the springs. YMMV Mike
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