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  1. 5.45 bullet guide installed. Gets easier every time!

  2. My 5.45 gets a demerit for busting a security floodlight bulb with a spent casing and a merit for chucking casings 50 feet!

    1. termite


      I can be on the back deck shooting mine and the shells land on the roof. When it rains, it funny listening to them get washed down the gutter down spouts.

  3. The FSB and gas block can either be pressed off or cut off, depending on whether you might want to reuse them. When you take off the FSB and the gas block (as per your build), you can slip on any old AK lower hand guard retainer. You will need to cut/file a groove for it in the barrel (it is good practice--and sometimes necessary--to do this even with a bolt-on retainer). As you are just threading the barrel for an attachment, any difference in the FSB shouldn't affect you. RD's bolt-on (bolton?) gas block should just clamp right on over the old gas port. I believe Saiga's have a 90
  4. In Indiana, our licenses only apply to hand guns. We can walk/drive/run/skip/frolic around all day with long guns and no license. Boo on FL for regulating that. Here is what Wikipedia says about your state (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_Florida): "Vehicle carry without a permit is allowed, but only when concealed from view and when the firearm is either "securely encased" or not immediately available for use. "Securely encased" means in a glove compartment, whether or not locked; snapped in a holster; in a gun case, whether or not locked; in a zippered gun case; or in a close
  5. I have my factory trigger guard just inserted under the front mag-catch assembly. There is enough tension (due to it being just slightly too long for the rear holes to line up) to keep it where it is. Sounds shoddy, but I can't even begin to move it with my hands. If it ever became a problem, I can drill a hole, but I've never once had it move.
  6. I don't have a scope on my Mosin yet, but have been planning on doing it for awhile. I have no interest in a period-correct mount, so the two I have narrowed it down to are these: jmeck scope mount - uses a steel band around the receiver, no metal work, minor inletting in the stock or Rock Solid Industries drill and tap mount - evidently it's "rock solid", but requires the drill and tap, of course. Both have good reviews. I'm tempted to go the jmeck route so I can avoid the screw holes in the receiver if ever I were to remove the scope. Both of these mounts require turned do
  7. I don't, but use my MS2 on my 7.62 nearly every time I pull it out. Can't see enough of a reason to replace it. I'm sure the MS3 has quality on par with the MS2.
  8. I have had last round jams with my Tapco mags without a bullet guide. I'll be installing the CSS guide to see if it helps at all.
  9. Yes. The windage is just tight. If you think your tool can handle it, just keep cranking on it. The shells are striking the dust cover upon ejection. This is what causes the dings in the case. This is normal and happens on most rifles. If you are reloading brass, most dings shouldn't affect performance. There are a few individuals who have lined the dust cover edge with plastic tubing or something to decrease the dent upon ejection. If you're shooting steel, don't worry about it. It's normal.
  10. I had a .204 snake lying around and that's what I use for a quick clean.
  11. Piston wobble is normal. My 5.45 is the same way. Won't affect reliability at all.
  12. I use Cor-Bon Self-Defense 115gr +P JHP. 1350fps and 466 lb/ft of energy. That's about as much punch as I could find in a 9mm load.
  13. Last time out I was using the barrel to heat my hands in between shooting and ended up melting my gloves. *facepalm*
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