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  1. You did good, Makaveli913. 8m3 effect is a good round. Wolf Military Classic used to come in this flavor, but I haven't seen any in about 2 years.
  2. I wonder if the authorities will find "weed" in his system too.
  3. It's Krav Maga, and I started a class with my stepson here in DFW. We'll be going back for more as finances dicate. The studio is also a 45 minute drive away from home. Either way, its a very practical and effective form of open handed fighting. It quite literally translates into "Close Combat".
  4. Same set-up as MT Predator, except my dry boxes are the plastic type from MTM Case-Gard. Every time the wife buys a new pair of shoes, I toss the dessicant pack in with my ammo. The old school metal ammo cans are always sold out when I go online to my favorite places. As far as specific locations? That's kind of personal. So let's say "in a secure location".
  5. Give the students 5 minutes alone with the guy. Then maybe they could fix his brand of stupid.
  6. The price point is a bit out of my range, but they are very beautiful knives. I noticed the absence of a latch to keep the handles open. Are you using magnets, instead? Best, Kevin
  7. Those are nice. If they are for sale, I'd be interested. Those handles on the bottom pic are beautiful! You've annealed the titanium? ATS-34 would have a hardness of about 59 HRC, is that about right? EDIT: Found a YT video of the Orion:
  8. Agreed. As far as I can tell, ALL sheriffs are the supreme law enforcement officer in the county that they serve. I know that when federal agents enter a county to enforce federal law, they must notify and have the consent of the county sheriff. When it comes to defying laws in the state that they reside, I'm not so sure. They are, however elected by the constituents that they serve, and are bound to serve The Will of the People. Sounds like the makings of a serious fight.
  9. I LOVE Thomas Sowell! I'm reading a book of his essays: Dismantling America, right now!
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