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  1. Saiga with a drum full of buck shot comes to mind.
  2. I'm in kendall and always happy to do some shooting. I would really like to try Henry's. Been to Markham and Trail glades (range nazis). They only allow slugs, and thats too rich for my pocket especially with a Saiga12.
  3. HK USP Tactical 45 is the way to go. They are awesome especially with an Osprey suppressor.
  4. arpalma

    SO HOT!!!!!

    Oh man, now I have to sell all my guns. I could never shoot again "BECAUSE YOU BLINDED ME"
  5. The best money I've spent in my opinion. Works perfectly!
  6. 33187 here, SW Dade
  7. I love mine. Just get a recoil pad it's tough on the shoulder as any would be.
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