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  1. Has this forum been abandoned, or everyone lost interest ? We need to stick together and fight against this fraudulent voters regime or we will not have any weapons to defend ourselves against tyranny. This regime is bankrupting and imprisoning their opponents, and what will happen if they take away our second amendment? The same thing will happen, which happened in China, Soviet Union, Cambodia, Nazi Germany. Concentration camps and executions.
  2. Looks like this site has been hijacked, by someone advertising " ladies of the night"!
  3. On a Chinese SKS, Which end of the recoil spring goes toward the front? The curly end or the straight end. The straight end has a o ring with an opening. The curly end has a solid end.
  4. Not too much off topic, but do you have to carry your tax stamp receipt whenever you take your SBR out shooting?
  5. Cannon safes do not have a backup key. Wish they did. Also their safes are made in TJ Mexico. And all the "customer service" people speak English as a second language.
  6. Don't buy Cannon Safes!! The keyboard on my Cannon safe won't open the safe! Called Cannon and they wont' cover it! The warranty says LIFETIME guarantee on DEFECTS, break-ins , fire. This is a DEFECT! Will cost $500 to drill out the safe! Their customer service sucks! At first they denied it was their safe, and I had Cabela's ( where it was bought) call them on it. Cabela's will not make it good either, as they say "call Cannon" Off topic; Is anyone left on here? Not many posts anymore.
  7. So if you hate the NRA. then who has the most clout to protect our gun rights? As a voting NRA member, I can, and do, vote out liberal moles that have weaseled in the board of directors.
  8. It is something that liberals are taking control of most big companies.....
  9. Now Yeti coolers has joined the liberal anti-gun bandwagon! Let Cabela's , Bass Pro, Sportsman's Warehouse and others know what you think of Yeti! Don't try Dick's ,as they are pricks!
  10. Bank Of America is going after the gun industry. Bass Pro shops bank with Bank Of America. Call Bass Pro Shop @ 1-800-227-7776 and voice your displeasure of them banking with BOA. If there are enough complaints, they will re-evaluate their relationship with BOA. F!@#$%^ BOA !
  11. He is a "mole", just like some of the supposed "Republicans" who ran as pro gun conservatives and after they are elected are RINO's.
  12. I have sporting rifles like semi-auto AR15, Saiga 12,and others, but no "assault rifles". Cannot afford one, and need a tax stamp to own one.
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