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  1. Great guy, has some nice swag. Will definitely buy from in the future!
  2. I'll take these please: 1) Bulgarian AK74 Cover-$8 (med box) 16) Ronin Grips Izhmash Copy-$25
  3. Depending on the price, get it. MAK91s are a great bargain in a milled rifle. Made in the same factories as the legendary Polytechs, just marketed under a different name. Unfortunately those thumb stocks suck and frequently crack. You should plan to replace with an Ironwood.
  4. I have a WASR-22, but not one of the newer Romanian imports. WASR-22s are known for being... finicky. Some people had their extractors blown off in OOB accidents... others got doubling and tripling or had feed or extraction problems. I got one with a few issues which didn't take long to work out and it's now my favorite AK. I'm eager to hear if the new imports are as quirky as the old batch, but after the bugs are worked out these are *great* little .22 AKs. They feel exactly like the real thing and are pretty much milspec parts aside from the mag, front trunnion, barrel, bolt, and a few other small parts.
  5. If you are going to go through the effort to correct cant, at least try driving the pins out first. It's the right way and puts less stress on the barrel, plus gives you as much play as you need. With the pins out the FSB should still be a very tight fit, you can adjust with a rubber mallet, take it to the range, and adjust again if needed. Once it's perfect, drill or file and repin.
  6. rob-cubed

    DSC 3104 01

    You (and the smokin' lady) are both to be commended on your fine builds!
  7. Besides Apex/Copes, Numrich has a TON of miscellaneous parts, usually multiples from different countries. Their site is a PITA to navigate but you can find pretty much anything there.
  8. Not my first choice for a folder, but for the price it is not bad and you don't have to cut any trunnion tangs to install. Like others have said, the weak point is the polymer latch and block at the rear. It will wobble with wear and can be broken. In general the Tapco won't beat your cheek as badly as the crutch wire stocks and some aftermarket ones will. It's based loosely on the FAL/Galil pattern and is a good design--just not built to withstand abuse. I ended up taking it off and putting a fixed back on. The folders that use a dedicated rear trunnion are much better.
  9. That's the previous RAA import mark, scratched out after the switch in importers. New import marks are on the left side. A good price on a great rifle, nonetheless!
  10. As said, Curtis is great to deal with and makes excellent product. Building your own is rewarding, but unless you are doing several just get a built receiver. It's very difficult to fully heat treat at home and the cost in jigs and a spot welder can get prohibitive.
  11. Your options are above. I also agree, K-VAR is the way to go. Their furniture is a faithful copy of Russian spec, down to the heat shield in the handguard. Tapcos rear stock looks similar but isn't as beefy where it attaches to the receiver. That said, mine has held up to light use just fine. Pistol grips are from the various manufacturers are equally good. Get the ergo one you want.
  12. The whole point of the stamps was primarily to make the newer AKM ID match the ID of the older milled design, which had the same OD but a narrower ID. This way the pins and FCG were very similar. It also provided a little more bearing surface on the rotational axis. The Chinese didn't bother with these and used thicker stamped receivers instead. If you have enough meat on your axis stamps to hold the axis pins and secure them properly, you are good to go.
  13. Yes, legal for you to ship as parts. What happens to them in their home state is someone else's liability. In California they can't be reassembled as is but can be blocked and made into 10-rounders, or left as parts until the owner moves to a freer state. There are a few vendors who do this and stake their livelihood on it.
  14. I have never gotten around to installing an ACE, it's a popular option and their stocks are pretty high quality. It involves adding an adapter and cutting the rear tang on the trunnion, which means you can never put a regular fixed stock on it again. I don't particularly like the Romanian wire folders, but they don't require any mods to your gun and lock up pretty tight. They will beat up your cheek unless you pad them. Tapco is sub-standard, even though it is easy and cheap. Had one and will never get another. If you really want a good folding stock, and don't mind paying for one, get a 100-series poly folder. They rock. But require $300 in hardware plus labor for installation. It's not simple. But it's worth it. K-VAR has a screw-in 100-series style that doesn't require modifying or replacing the rear trunnion. I have never shot one, they look kinda fugly and aren't cheap, but in some ways it's a reasonable compromise. If you're a big guy and don't mind an extra LOP maybe worth looking into.
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