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  1. Without support, a soldier is naked . All must serve for freedom to be free
  2. When i was younger I saw a commercial that had one in it. It was someone's pet and I think his name was Vinyl . It Looked bigger than 40 lbs but that could have been the camera angle.
  3. Hey Chile whats cooking? Miss the food photos. getting ready to reload 2000 rounds of 556 and cannot find my primer pocket cleaner so I got one on amazon. Looked for 9mm plated 115 grain bullets but there are none to be had.
  4. best thing I ever did was to do the mag conversion on my 223 and it works great. It will run any mag that will work in any ar 15
  5. do the mags snap in real hard? Also not all installed bullet guides work ,I had to make my own.
  6. Wife sent me out for milk because she needs it to take some of her medication. Got to the local store before 8:00 am and a 2 block line was evident. Got in line and a person from New York City told me to get 6 ft away from him. The funny thing was he was only 3 ft away from the guy in front of him. I told him NO! just to give him a moment of helplessness. I then told him I will give you your space but you need to get a grip. If you are that fearful about getting sick, you should not be here in line. Beaches, Bars ,Food ect all closed.. The Snow birds are not happy . As for me,
  7. the plastic stock with the blue tape has to be removed from the metal receiver. it will slide right in
  8. My brother and his son are out hunting as I type. I am back in FL restoring a revolver and getting ready to make some holsters
  9. Well we are back home in FL and we came home with a cooler full of pheasants. This is one of the best years we have had. Carlos our 14 year old champion black lab and 2 time cancer survivor went out just weeks after cancer surgery" demanded to go "and even though he had a hard time keeping up he still retrieved a few birds. My big brother would not have it any other way. Our dogs did well Manny, Jet and Carlos what a team. After Thanksgiving we went to Nebraska and then through the blue mountains on our way to Charleston Brought back a few guns to work on for next year .
  10. 3 generations of hunters which included my big brothers grandson, watched as the young man shot his first rooster on his first day. Grampa and all of us were real proud. He is 14 and a pro trap shooter but learned that he had to be a lot faster. Getting pheasant every day and I clean them fast and perfect. holding up well, snow tonight which means a great 2 more days before we leave for Nebraska. There is still grease in the bearings of this old car. You all have a great Thanksgiving I will.
  11. Last year I had to turn around and go home because of my knee .Had surgery and a long recovery but doing great now. May I started to get my body back in shape and lost 72 pounds fast walking.3mile on tread mill and 3/4 miles swimming 6 days a week. I am ready! We leave tomorrow evening and I will be in the wild Thursday Can't wait, can't wait! Wish me Luck
  12. Just go for it and the rest will sort itself out. Remember this is fun right? No one ever has the perfect gun. They have a lot of less than perfect guns that shoot just fine. Now ! Get off the fence and build that sucker and we will want pictures. Have fun you could live in LA
  13. I have a 308 setup and ready to go also just built a 556. Not ready to get to the range because I need to be in the mood to shoot. If I am not in the mood no tight groups. I think that is true for most shooters
  14. Getting bullets through the same hole every time is 30% gun 20 % ammo work up and 50% trying to figure it all out . There are good days and bad days at the range. Just remember why you are there.
  15. As long as you are having fun. That is what it is all about.
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