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  1. +1 good point and you're right on that Dave seeing it fall or break will hold their interest longer than shooting and going up to look at holes.
  2. I was at a GSSF Glock match in Pensacola yesterday and watched a few of girls shoot followed by their dads in some cases or boyfriend or husband in others. It was very predicable if the girls did OK the male did OK, if the girls couldn't shoot you could tell who trained them. Usually you could tell how it was going to go before a shot was fired poor shooting stance and grip from both of them results in a lot of plates still standing on a plate rack. It would be great if a good shooter could take the girls to the side for a few minutes and give them some basic instructions and then let them
  3. I found this while I was shopping for some chokes, have not found any reviews but for $ 15.44 figured it was worth a shot. Advanced Technology Intl, LLC SMR-0800 8-Shot Mag Ext
  4. also being a lefty I looked at them years ago, cost was too high and they were in stainless (not something I tend to like in guns) as far as the mags you could easily mod any regular 1911 mag to work by with just cutting the slot for the catch as needed. here's a photo I found.
  5. the 20s as a group L to R: SKB XL-300 with Benelli extended mag tube for 9 shot capacity Remington 1100 Special Field with 21” barrel S20 with Sanders Hi-Cap mag in black
  6. the 12s as a group L to R: Card shooting / turkey shoot gun 36” bull barrel from “the Gun Barrel Guy” H/K Fabarm Red Lion LH Remington 1100 with 21” slug barrel S12 with “Frankenmag”
  7. at that range it shouldn't be more than an inch or 2, you should be able to get out to over a hundred yards to get that much drop. slugs tend to shoot pretty flat for the first 75 yards or so.
  8. I'd go with the 10/22 as a nice rifle choice. Maybe not as far as others would go , damn this is a sick bunch.
  9. I don't think there is ONE best being the different uses that a shotgun can be put to. What I shoot at a turkey shoot is a bull barreled 13 pound bolt action, not as well suited as an 1100 20 ga for a bird hunt. My Fabarm Red Lion is great at clays but lacks capacity for 3 gun that an 1100 or Benelli can bring to the table. For defense any good pump is a good choice. Side by sides and 1897s are fun for Cowboy Action If the question was you can only have (1) to do everything (something I hope my wife never thinks up ) with I'd go with a Remington auto but I miss most of
  10. Closed our web store, we are still in operation but retail was not something we really wanted to get into. The mags are available from Mississippi Auto Arms and Carolina Shooters Supply. We are also letting our business membership with the forum lapse. Great forum but with a single product line it's not a practical investment for us at this time. If you have praise or problems with the mags or us post it and I'll get back to you. Thanks, Phil
  11. As Tony said if you're going to use a mag well you've got to modify the mags and it puts some limitations on what else can be used. No drums work that I know of so for higher cap the long Frankenmags are the only option. I'd get the AGP type it's easier to get the Surefire to work with it than the other way around. I haven't explored the mags breaking under heavy loads when used with a mag well but I wanted the set up for 3 gun and just use light to managed recoil ammo (what some refer to as pussy loads) Just figure what you want to be able to do with the gun long term and plan your mo
  12. http://www.gunpartsc...aspx?catid=2578 good parts break down and some parts are still to be had, fixed one of these a while back and all I can say is good luck with it.
  13. OK I had to go look, guns look great. I really like the digital one (may use something like that on something in the future). Now all that needs to be found out is who were the other 2 queens in the tub with Derek.
  14. of course it depends on what you want to do with the gun but for 3 gun it's hard to beat a poly choke.
  15. seems my thinking is 2, that being 2 more than I have. if I have 5 I need 7....
  16. here it is in the before shot with my 1100 20 ga special field, it's a mite long for my taste. I was thinking about sending it to get it set up as a card shooter barrel or cut and tapped for Rem Choke but I may just cut it to about 24" and use it for skeet / the cheap way to go. Got a 21" smooth slug barrel with rifle sights and Rem Choked for tac and buck / turkey even so gotta stop spending for a while. I’ve thought about this and come to this decision: While I don’t think there will be a time in my life that a left handed Remington 1100 trap gun will gain a butt load of value it
  17. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=44881&st=0&p=411296&hl=cutt's&fromsearch=1&entry411296 Tom on cost of Cutt's
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