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  1. Why is it everytime someone points out a vendor of this site is in violation of their own contract and possibly in possession of, or actively stealing property, is it called "Obvious trolling"? I appreciate your position Makc, being in the middle and trying to come up with the best way to minimize fallout, and bad PR, as well as to facilitate a resolution, but calling the victims of the situation trolls is about the same as saying she was dressed like she wanted to be raped. I think this site would be best served to remember, despite what the vendors pay to play, its the membership here th
  2. I was hoping to buy a Texas Weapon System Gen II mount new this week, as I understand (or dont, exactly) that there may have been recent changes to the design that have eliminated the caliber work arounds and special parts that were offered in the past but I simply do not have the cash. I am certain I can adapt any older version just fine, if I can find one. I just sold my Gen I rail, as I no longer have a tang on the project rifle in question, and while I am a little skeptical the gen II will be as solid for a scope mount, I need one for a rear peep sight project. I am sure there is someo
  3. This is a standard Strikefire Vortex I have had for a while, but only mounted briefly, and only used a few times. It is in good shape, comes with two brand new never opened batteries, and the see through mount so you can still use iron sights. If you want the other mount, Strikefire sells them for about 20 bucks. This sight was never torture tested by me, but was recommended to me after facing an extreme torture test from a good friend of mine, who tried to cook off the electronics with a massive rapid fire range trip on his AK. This is a solid one piece aluminum tube design, and this same mod
  4. Most yugo guns will do the same thing. Its not a feature so much as happenstance.
  5. Looks even better finished, cant wait to see one in person. Of course my offer to test one stands. I see much potential
  6. Yeah, you took the risk, and did not escape. That thing is hideous and looks like you would have to use your extremely long pinky, or maybe any passing tree branch to activate.
  7. Eek, i second the dont do it. Unfortunately papazorro was banned and censored from this forum, but he explained it well, the front rivet is thicker, because it is a guide to keep the carrier aligned with the slot in the gas puck, without it you are sorta just tossing the bolt carrier in the general direction of the tiny recess it needs to fit inside of. I dont see this working out well.
  8. There is no letter, and little reason to ask for one. A thread protector is not a muzzle device. Make a floor plate or use us springs in the mag, as suggested.
  9. The gk01 is patented by the designer in russia, to settle that matter. Patents are like cheap locks, they only keep the honest honest, otherwise they do nothing, unless someone pursues litigation. papa zorro is a good friend and the best poster this board had seen in recent memory, the endless september coupled with assinine management decisions has made this site, comparatively, mostly good for looking at pictures. Thankfully ive never had any trouble with the mods here and find pictures enjoyable, while there are still other good forums for reading about content, content which doesn
  10. Arms of America. I've never ordered from them. This assures I never will. Anyone who does otherwise is saying that its ok to lie and cheat for profit, there are too many other honest sellers, id like to keep it that way.
  11. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="red_cedar" data-cid="838366" data-time="1356966835"><p> <a href='http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/72703-saiga-or-vepr/'>http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/72703-saiga-or-vepr/</a><br /> <br /> I'm thinking from a function and parts availabilty point of view.<br /> saiga 030 is the better choice for use, in todays climate. IMO</p></blockquote> what parts interchange on the 030 and saiga 12, but do not interchange with the vepr? Im not even following, the 030 is practica
  12. Bonesteel posted pics of the final brake installed on their v12, take a look for them, if not on this forum on the vepr forum, in their vendor section, for sure. I do not have a bonesteel galil type folder, but ive used several Ace galil style folders both left and right folding, which are essentially the same shape and dimensions. In my experience, it makes no difference in which side the stock folds in use with the stock folded, its just a matter of preference in using the non trigger controls. I do not prefer the stock to sit over the safety if i can help it, because it interferes with
  13. Seems to me two decent bolts, if that is all that's holding it on, is stronger than most ar buffer tubes...
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