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  1. oldsailor

    New Glock drums coming

    Now, if I could only get'em to work in my PPS-43C ............
  2. oldsailor


    I want a Free Conversion.......and I spent most of the day at the range exercising my Saigas....
  3. oldsailor

    Suggestions For A Rifle Bag/Case For Saiga with POSP

    I bought an Allen 46" bag through Ebay ....$26.95. My Saiga .308 w/scope fits well, and the SGM mags fit in the pockets. I also bought a 42" for my Saiga 12 Their Ebay store is: Wholesale Hunter. They have bags in 32", 37", 42", 46". I go to the range once or twice a week, and the bags are wearing well. I have no complaints with them.
  4. oldsailor

    This is the tacked 308 picture thread.

    IZ-137 .308 S/N H09xxxxxx UAG collapsible stock set (non-converted trigger) SGM quad rail 3-12x50 Sniper scope Dust cover with integrated scope rail UAG bi-pod 3 SGM 25 round magazines Saiga 12, 223, and 7.62x39 also at the ready.....
  5. oldsailor

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    IZ-109 s/n 11xxxxxx CSS slotted shroud Magpul angled foregrip UTG quad rail w/covers Tasco RedDot scope Tapco collapsible stock set 1 stock 5 round magazine 2 SGM 10 round magazines 1 MD 20 round drum Saiga 223, 7.62x39, and 308 also at the ready.....
  6. oldsailor

    How many ports do you have??? (Product research)

    My recent 2011 import (S/N H11xxxxxx) S-12 has 4 port, diamond pattern, and handles whatever I load it with without complaining......
  7. oldsailor

    Looking to get a 7.62 finally. Where to buy?

    Atlantic is probably your best choice - Mississippi Auto Arms would be second - they are both listing them within a couple bucks of each other. I bought my S-12 and S-308 from Atlantic - it was quick and easy.
  8. oldsailor

    Are Saiga 7.62x39 Ready to Fire Out of the Box

    PB Blaster, a degreaser you can get at Lowe's (and a lot of other places), works great. Disassemble the weapon and use it on everything - cleans all the packing grease, etc. off. Don't forget to use a gun oil when you're done....
  9. oldsailor

    What should I expect to pay for a .308 Saiga?

    Atlantic Firearms has the unconverted Saiga .308 for $499 plus shipping, as does Mississippi Auto Arms. The 7.62 w/16" barrel is listed at $389 by Mississippi Auto Arms - but they're out of stock. A gunshop in Montgomery AL had the Saiga .223 & 7.62 for $389 at a recent gunshow (Patriot Gun Sales).
  10. It's self explanatory.........20 years in the Navy ......1964-1984
  11. oldsailor


    Over the river - north of Montgomery.... Shoot at the Tri-county Shooting Range on Lower Wetumpka Rd in Montgomery. Saiga 12 Saiga 308
  12. oldsailor

    Will not eat 2 3/4 Remington 1390 FPS ammo :(

    It shouldn't have any problems out of the box with 1350 or 1390 shot shells - usually the hangups come with the 1100 or 1150 bird shot rounds; that is, until there's been a couple hundred rounds through it, and then you should be able to mix & match everything and anything and it'll throw it downrange without any trouble.
  13. oldsailor

    New 2011 production / Questions

    I also have a 2011 -- purchased online from Atlantic Firearms on sale a few months back -- manual BHO, 4 ports, and extended hood. Had read that the "older" models had 4 ports, and the newer 2 or 3, but obviously there's a run of 2011's with 4 ports out here..... Mine is also stamped "Legion USA". ...