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  1. +1 for Texas AK Designs. Great product. Good communication. buckmeister
  2. http://www.impactweaponscomponents.com/static/images/productimage-picture-ak-ar-stock-adapter- This looks good. A commercial or milspec tube can be used.
  3. Fatherhood is literally the deposition of biological material during a moment of passion. Actually it involves moments of passion. Like changing the first diaper; I puked a little. Their first steps, I shed a tear. The first day of school, I left a part of me at the school. My daughters' first date, I left the warning, “All boys are bad”. During their time on the ball field, my heart swelled in me and my pride was directed to the field, as if it were me out there; “That's my daughter!” rose unstoppable from my throat. Or the bloodied knees and shins from the hours of being catcher of sometime
  4. Not to nitpick, but the WASR-3 arrives from the factory with the ability to except the MSA adapter. One must modify the weapon to accept the adapter. The "frame" is called the receiver. The "nubs" are the locking lugs, which lock the bolt into the trunnion. Without them, the gun blows up in your face. I can safely assume you are referencing the bolt when mentioning "the firing pin mechanism". The "rod" is indeed a center support. I do see minor modification to the magazines themselves. Luckily, your dremel skills exceed your grammar and syntax. But it's only English
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzULG7I1RfA&feature=player_embedded buckmeister
  6. Is it a 16" or 20"? It is difficult to get a decent LOP with a 16" and keep the whole rifle 26", unless a muzzle device is blind pinned. Go with an AR mag adapter. Search for trigger group examples. Remove the sight rail. Look at the Groza. Visit pookieweb.net. The Bushmaster M17 uses an AK style FCG. Just a few thoughts and suggestions... been down that road. In the end, a dedicated bullpup designed as such is more cost effective. buckmeister
  7. "... in two-three weeks"
  8. "Please explain how an import regulation violates your 2nd amendment rights." If a comparable product were made domestically it could be construed as merely an import issue. The ATF uses import laws to hide the real agenda of disarming the populace. When branches of the government or sub-branches over-step the powers stipulated, the people have the right, the moral obligation to put them back in their place; especially since none listen to the ballot. How does tariff enforcement give an agency the power to even mention "sporting purpose" much less define it? Only because we allow it.
  9. I read that MSA was going to start production in two-three weeks and run 50 to begin.... buckmeister
  10. To those who served: Thanks for the sacrifice, the service, the protection... ... for being there then, ... and for being here now. buckmeister
  11. I work for the USPS. I have witnessed the carnage of letters half sealed, unsealed, and with non-bendable things inside. Over 99.9999% of all mail gets to its destination in undamaged condition. Any higher than that and bells and whistles go off (literally), alerting the operators and monitoring personnel of an unacceptable condition. 5 per 10000 is the threshold of mail simply being rejected for being open/partially open, too thick, too short, wrinkled, torn, or simply a machine out of adjustment. It is a high-speed environment letters pass through. Most equipment handles 30000 letters per ho
  12. Nate, Work has been... well, work, so I'm online less. I will email and IM you my number. Notes? My desk is full of them. But it's an "organized" mess (I wish). buckmeister
  13. "Discussing is different than endless whining." Damn good quote, Cobra... I gotta remember that one! buckmeister
  14. Which gunshow? I am in SA and looking for a 20". buckmeister
  15. I actually wanted the longer version when I bought my 16". buckmeister
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