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  1. win 209 primer 28.5 gr WSF powder = winchester super field winAA12 wad 9 pellets 00 buck
  2. congrats on the S12. I love mine and shoot it more than my ak's
  3. Id be in for some 8rd metal S12 mags
  4. does anyone know if these have the under folding trunion? either way im getting one
  5. get a sharp shooter buckshot mold..I have one and love it( I have the combo #4 buck and 00 buck). you can get them for 39 bucks shipped to you door !
  6. i reload my own shotshells, loading buck shot and slugs is were the savings are. I can buy a case of 250 federal game loads for 49.00 and hell bag of #6 shot is 40 bucks..
  7. if thats the case then im not touching mine for a gain of one inch cause it has eatin over 500rds rounds in two months that have stuffed into her so far with out one issue straight out of the box..even cheap wally world stuff
  8. anyone done this for the hell of it ? I know its only a inch.
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