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  1. I love it. I showed it to my wife and she was laughing.
  2. I love the look of this. Yes WI does have CCW. Wisconsin Rapids here.
  3. That is a sweet side mount. He bought it from a non supporter of the forum. But it is made in Wisconsin and is very sturdy. When I can arrange the funds I plan on buying one. Also the company make a mount that has 30mm ring sidemount. The company is Midwest Industries Inc. Kim
  4. Ok, Didn't know that I couldn't shoot the 3". My fault didn't read. Only have a couple of them and shot them out. Will stay with the 2 3/4" Thanks for the heads up. Kim
  5. Heck, I am new to the S12. I bought a converted gun. I installed the Tac47 auto gas plug and have not had any FTE's I have shot both 3" mag buckshot and low powered trap loads. The only problem I have is my mags are new and the first couple of rounds don't feed. I pull back the bolt and let it slam home. Then it feeds. It has improved since running several full mags though it. I love this gun. She shoots great and I have plans for more improvements.
  6. I love the machine work that you are doing. Nice job, looking good.
  7. I paid $750 for it. Had very few rounds run though it. Thanks for the compliment.
  8. Well here is my first Saiga 12. I purchased her converted. It came with the T-6 stock that has been modified to be recoil reducing. I added the TAC-47 auto gas plug and Tromix charging handle. I have a extended magazine release, but have not installed it yet. I am using the SGM 10 round mags. Last weekend I ran amost 100 rounds though it. The only problem that I had was the mags were dry and new. Had a few failure to load. But once she fed one round I rocked out the rest of the mag. I do plan on installing the Chaos Titan quad rail with the HK sights. Also might try a vertical gr
  9. Sweet. Just got my saiga up and running, and had fun dumping 45 rounds. Yes, I know no pictures, didn't happen. Kim
  10. I have good luck with my sgm. Needed to lube them, forgot to and the rounds hung up. I got mine from an auction site. Kim
  11. moose421


    Very wicked looking! I love the look of it. Kim
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