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  1. Same kind of hazard as working on the farm with tractor PTO's, exposed driveshafts, etc. One catch of the shirt or anything and you are ripped to shreds or spun around and broken to pieces at the least.
  2. For sale: a Saiga 12, IZ-109 model, 19" threaded barrel, cleaning kit, oil bottle, cleaning rod, one factory mag, manual, still with the factory preservative wrap and original box. Importer was RAA. As NIB, never fired, never converted, only unwrapped for pictures. Asking $650 shipped, insured, USPS Money order payment. I have this listed on the AKfiles forum Marketplace, been listed there about a month, with photos. (Sold a Cetme on the same listing) Email kyhelo@bellsouth.net for inquiry. Just make sure to reference Saiga 12 or similar in subject line so an unfamiliar me
  3. Try your own suggestion and let us know how that works out, if you still have that thumb attached or not.
  4. I'll add a big positive plus to CSS also. Purchased several times from him, most recently this past week. Order quickly confirmed via e-mail, tracking info is always sent, and it gets out of his shop to my door FAST! Thanks, Greg.
  5. Believe it or not, I bought a set from Harbor Freight several years ago (more like five or six years) just to see how well it worked. I had gotten tired of always having to lift up the regular 'ears' to hear any conversation and range instructions. The set was on sale for less than $20. Worked so well I went and bought two more, one for the wife and another for a spare. The original is still working great. With normal shooting (.45, .44 Mag pistols, 5.56 and 7.62 rifles, no really big boomers), the set works great, are comfy, and the noise cutoff works well. The amplification on the mic
  6. I recently got a Draco from Centerfire Systems. (Currently accepting backorders.) Mine was backordered about a month. I'm pleased with mine. The only thing I didn't like about it was that the top cover was fitted very tightly and curved inward slightly on the right side, which scratched the exposed bolt carrier when it was pulled/operated to the rear. Some careful filing and a small sanding drum on a Dremel tool fixed it perfectly. Per Moe Zambeak's example, I also just used some paracord to make a small loop for a single point sling. I looped it with two twisted strands, made abou
  7. It fit my bear pawl great! That glove ain't for the cold, is it?!!!
  8. From Canada down to Brazil and Chile, I think there's only three or four smaller Latin American countries I've not been in for some time(s) or gone through. No damn way I'd ever think about moving to anyplace south of the U.S. I know people move south for supposed financial reasons, retirement, etc. I try to not be too judgmental, but here I have to say to move south is just stupid. IMHO. YMMV.
  9. GPS should be just another tool for situational awareness. I see pilots, mostly the younger set and/or more affluent ones, who use the latest GPS navigation and just follow the line on the screen and cannot tell you exactly where they are on an aeronautical chart. No concept of constantly re-evaluating all parameters. My best navigational tool is my thumb on the map, and like some others have said, a bit of common sense.
  10. Definitely hold one in your hand first. You might find it too large. There is now a Glock 21 SF (I think it's SF) that has a slimmer frame/grip. I don't have small hands, but the regular 21 I had ten years ago was too large. Never could get used to it or adjust enough to shoot it as well as I needed.
  11. The precision thread for the YHM QD unit is exactly what I considered, plus the ability to use other things. So, I take it that you can definitely recommend KA for this? Thanks.
  12. Cool idea and raffle. Just a thought--why not save yourself some money (postage) and a lot of your time and effort mailing out actual tickets? Could you not just assign successive numbers to raffle participants in the order which you received the payments? Keep a log of the info and numbers, buyers, etc. Send an e-mail to the ticket buyers stating which 'number' the buyer purchased. Just use the ticket stubs you have to put in the barrel for the missus to pick out on the video, for the random factor. I suppose some folks might not be as trusting and would like to have the physic
  13. Another +1 for Dinzag's stuff. It was drop-in easy on my S-308.
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