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  1. Haven't been on here in ages! Good to see familiar faces still gathering here! You guys helped me convert my Saiga 12 from the kitchen table! I no longer have my 12, and unfortunately rarely shoot anymore, my hobbies have somewhat changed. Nice to see this place is still alive! Did Pauly ever end up getting everyone's parts back?
  2. The grease will attract dirt, road grime etc. It will not inhibit the rust currently invading your frame. Bead blast and paint if you're inclined. I would personally let it eat, as is. More than likely it will not be an issue, especially being from Texas.
  3. I have one. My Dad carried it as his duty weapon in the 80's. It has swallowed thousands of .357 and never skipped a beat. This revolver is heavy and built like a tank. Years of this thing being holstered and it shows minimal wear. These are solid revolvers.
  4. Picked up one on sale at Cabela's for around $30.00. I chose the one dressed in pink for my six year old daughter. I get this thing home and am dissapointed to see it is not near the same rifle I grew up with. Mine was built as solid as a .22 rimfire and withstood years of abuse. Too many times being over pumped finally took it's toll on the old girl after being passed down to my brother. This thing is a cheap plastic shadow of what it used to be. The trigger is plastic. The plastic stock and forend feel like what a toy gun is made of. I think I could literally break this thing in
  5. I usually buy local because I prefer to see what I'm buying in person. That being said, if I come across a screamin deal online I'm on it. I like to support my lgs, but I absolutely don't feel obligated to them. It's your hard earned money, spend it how and where you wish.
  6. Well your name ain't Chile for nothin. Way to represent bro!
  7. Man for a split second I thought AArecvd was back!
  8. Loud is only impressive on Independence Day. Wouldn't be safe to assume that most people at the range are wearing ear protection anyhow? The people that show up to public ranges to impress crack me up. I'm there to shoot and have my own fun. Could care less what or how loud the next guys gun is. I can appreciate a good loud M80, however.
  9. Good luck. I had a drunk buddy throw up in the back of my car once in high school. I cleaned it multiple, multiple times with everything available at the time. Never could completely get rid of the funk, and it really got bad in the heat of summer. Maybe start with a good pet stain cleaner?
  10. I'm on vacation next week. Sedona AZ bound!
  11. Morning wood. Kidding of course. Kinda. I'd have to say family.
  12. Watch out for the red light camera enforcement program. Don't forget cash for the tollways. Like Sim said earlier, get in and get out. Fuck that City.
  13. Pink Floyd, The Wall The Beatles, Magic Mystery Tour Van Halen, 1984 Pantera, Vulgar Display of Power The Doors, L.A. Woman
  14. I think life in general is not a box of chocolates. Buddy of mine just lost his 5 year old son and his Dad one month apart. His Father's funeral was 1200 miles from him. His car breaks down halfway home. He is a garbage man. One must cherish your family and your health. It can change tomorrow!
  15. This Chewbacca mom mask shit is so incredibly unfunny to me. That annoying laugh is like nails on a chalkboard. I can't escape it, its everywhere! How does material like this go viral? I just don't get it. Maybe I'm just old and bitter?
  16. I figure my kids can have what I personally owned and liked when I was alive. I'm absolutely not buying firearms in advance for no other reason than to will to my children. Gift your children now, while you are alive and can appreciate their enjoyment.
  17. The first time I experienced tannerite I was shocked that the stuff was legal. I also live in a state that forbids the sale of fireworks. Tannerite can be bought off the shelf but I cannot buy even sparklers for the kids on Independance Day.
  18. I used to truck freight to Chicago every single day from down state. If I never see that city again it will be too soon.
  19. Don't make me throw up. then wed know if the first "lady" is really what she claims tobe.... numerous black guys at work arent convinced "she" is a biological she. haahah What do the white guys at work think?
  20. I always kinda figured the carnies had fun doing what they do. Small town to small town every week, local dirty girls... Joe Dirt liked it.
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