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  1. Got my new vepr 12 all together I absolutely love this thing kinda wish I wld have went this route before I bought 4 saiga 12s .. but I love them to bc you can build them so many diff ways and to your preference .However im not goin to touch the vepr 12 its dam near perfect the way it is
  2. They jus showed up week after I ordered no tracking or anything lol
  3. Actually if its a vz2008 it doesn't come with a chrome lined barrel. The only ones that came with chrome lined are the original kits sold as parts and built or a czechpoint built one the rest are us barrels not chromed
  4. Yea its nice mostly all metal with a plastic coating really well built
  5. Here you go fellas yay glad I dont eat dog shit now lol
  6. http://legionusainc.com/vepr-12-original-10-round-factory-magazine.html Jus ordered 3 of each for myself http://legionusainc.com/vepr-12-original-factory-8-round-magazine.html
  7. Yea I gots mine also it is nice also got my break and now I c that the 8 and 10 molot mags are in stock ugh this things gettin pricey
  8. I have one but its the czechpoint which are alttle more but well worth it in my opinion ill post a link to the difference between the 2 below. one of my favorite rifles.very accurate and light and built like a tank with that milled reciever . They actually make alot of parts for it and there is a adapter to use ace stocks and such.also mags are not to hard to find and are not that pricey http://762precision.wordpress.com/articles/czechpoint-sa-vz-58-carbine/
  9. It came with a extra spring from wolf I believe hopefully ita do the same thing as the one you have I know she is pretty stiff
  10. +1 for xxxsilverxxx fast shipping and good contact would do business again
  11. I have a proper stock pile however you can never have enough
  12. Thax wanted to go with a more old school look on at least 1 of my saigas.
  13. My new 223 did conversion las nite next is to thread the barrel
  14. +1 for azg fast shipping and very easy to deal with . Would definitely do more transactions again
  15. I have the same gun and jus checked mine and got alot of wobble on the piston where it goes into the bolt carrier so I cld mine doing the same thing eventually
  16. Its a little high ive ordered stuff from over there before ans shipping was 11 .00 both times but whatever im goin to need it to make the vepr correct
  17. 25bucks to ship it but what can you do its the only place to get it
  18. Looks like a kvar /arsenal stock
  19. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/87503-catamount-fury-tear-down-and-review/
  20. http://www.sgammo.com/product/golden-tiger/1000-rds-762x39-fmj-bt-golden-tiger-124-grain-ammo-limit-5-cases-day Jus got myself a few thousand great price thax sg ammo
  21. Yea that is crazy that the century is more . So is the vepr12 they have the same one everyone is getting from royal tiger and centerfire?
  22. O ok I was wondering sry I dont have one those fancy things would like to tho
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