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  1. I tried that to start, but couldn't keep enough paint in the grooves.
  2. Still have some clean up and touch up to do, but here it is. It does look better in real life than in the photos. It's a real bear trying to paint with a fine wire and a magnifying glass!
  3. Well, I'm damn near the top of the list on the next run. I'm thinking they only have a few days (or week) with an off site injection molding company, and don't have a machine of their own, just the final assembly line and shipping. The same goes for their springs.
  4. Anything after Jan 18, 2013 is now backorder. Looks like mine will be Gen 4. Are dark earth mags THAT popular?
  5. Might be the safety/selector lever catching on the back of the disconnector. The full autos use an auto sear in front of the hammer, and the disconector is held rearward by the selector. Look for any marks on the rear of the disconnector from the safety. If there are, polish them out. If the hammer is riding the bolt, it is an unsafe condition, as out of battery firing may occur. The tab sticking out on the back of the carrier is to prevent a hammer strike if the disconector or auto sear release early. I have seen an AR blow itself to bits from out of battery due to headspace proble
  6. Stopped in tonight and they had 8 universal and 3 federal bulk packs in 12 ga, and about the same in 20. 5 boxes each of PDX 9mm and .40. .222, 243, 30-30, 30-06, 2 boxes 308, and other rifle ammo. Plenty of slugs, buck, and turkey in 12 and 20. Had 2 boxes of .22 CB and quite a bit of .22WMR and .17HMR. Other than bulk packs, I can get better prices at Fleet Farm!
  7. Just got my KickLite stock from the Saiga-12 e-store today! The pic also shows how small the Century Arms stock was. No wonder my shoulder hurt for two months after 50 rnds of waterfowl loads!!!
  8. I pack my 3" 12 GA in the exact same way except I can only get 3 rounds down the side. Can you explain the way you pack the 30-06 better. Are you laying the rounds in there loose with cardboard in between each layer?? I added the 22lr brick info the the chart I pack my 22LR into 30 call cans the same way and it is already on the chart Thanks for all the info so far. Here's the military 12 ga 175 rnd pack. .30-06 pack 22 across, 14 high. You could add layers of thin cardstock to cut the rattling and keep order. 12 ga 128 rnd 30
  9. Everyone is cranking out rounds as fast as they can! However, they are keeping a close eye on the market to not oversupply. .22 LR, 9mm, .40, .45 are the only things being made for pistols, and 5.56, .308, x39 are the only rifle rounds being produced. He didn't say on shotgun ammo. Federal has also opened a plant in Mississippi, and is going full bore, with office staff having to go pack ammo boxes it's so busy. That came from a Fleet Farm employee that had a meeting with Federal, Winchester, and Remington reps last week. He also said that the hoarders and internet resellers are th
  10. Any dying primers, could cause hangfires and possibly stuck bullets. Both of which would get the company sued if there was an injury caused. This is like the taggant bullshit awhile back. Anyone that handles explosives for a living knows that any contamination from any source could sensitize the explosive causing an accident. This would be the same. And may the Lord be with the families of the Marines killed!
  11. We had a soldier one for recruitment when I was in the Guard. Somebody put it just inside the supply room door. The next morning when I just disarmed the alarm to open the weapons vault, I went in the door and saw it, and immediatly swung at it thinking that it was an intruder. Busted the head! The supply seargent was laughing his ass off!
  12. Capt Nemo

    HD ammo

    DRAGON"S BREATH WILL BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!!!! It is not a home defense round!
  13. We have 1 county in WI with them. They're a "shoot on sight" animal along with coyotes here.
  14. I line all my cans with thin cardboard, as it gives some cushioning against a primer strike, and also prevents rattling in the can. Although, I don't line the cans I use for duck hunting, due to the possibility of absorbing water.
  15. 50 can 5500 rnds .22 LR, 10 500 rnd bricks and 10 50 rnd boxes, possibly more. 30 can 1600 rnds .22 LR, 100 rnd boxes two rows. Military pack for 12 ga 2 3/4" in a 50 can is 175 rnds in 25 rnd boxes.
  16. But the M-14 is too heavy and doesn't look as tacticool! Looks like the M-60 will probably make a comeback too.
  17. Capt Nemo

    HD ammo

    I'm running 2 3/4" military grade 9 pellet 00 buck.
  18. .30 can, 128 rnds of 12 ga 2 3/4" loose pack. 16 rnds (row of 12 and line of 4) x 8 deep with cardboard dunnage between can and ammo preventing staggering of stacks. If the levels stagger, you might get 130 in there, but there's a chance of crushing. .30 can, 308 rnds of .30-06 loose pack with dunnage. 22 across x 14 deep. The 200 rnds of 7.62 NATO is for belted, usually two boxes of 100.
  19. Locally, Gander Mt has new .50's in stock for around $19. Wish we were back in the good old days when I'd get a pallet of 100 .50's for $200, and a pallet of 200 .30's for the same! Also 2.75" rocket and 4.2" mortar crates with tubes for $1-2 ea. Miss the property disposal retail store at Ft. McCoy. The auctions now are shit!
  20. That flurry shoot sounds like something I did way back when with street sweepers. 3 shooters, 1gun full, 1 gun at 1/2, and one gun empty. You try to keep two shooters going while one reloads. After doing that, I wanted my own street sweeper, but they got banned before I could get one!
  21. C4 (RDX) is hexamine + nitric acid with plastic binder. Hexamine is used in solid fuel cookstoves, and military trioxane fuel tablets. Hexamine is also the product of ammonia and formaldehyde. Most denatured alcohol is denatured with formaldehyde. Might try adding ammonia to it and precipitate out the hexamine, for cheap booze! Although, the alcohol would be better for crystalizing potassium nitrate made from your compost pile.
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