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  1. Yep, that is their factory configuration with the included stock and pistol grip, there isn't a converted version. I got mine like that from Mach 1 for 1199 as well. USPS money order's are what I use.
  2. How about the SGM choke (Full or improved) with external threads. That way you don't have to blow a bunch of money having the barrel chopped and fitted for internal chokes, and can still use a brake or flash hider. A lot of guys have thought about the same thing, including myself, but in the end the value of being able to use a brake, which makes a HUGE difference outweighs the benefit for me. If you haven't used one on your Vepr yet try one like the Tromix monster, mini monster, Bonesteel Firestorm, or Molot or CSS GK-01. I do not think you will find to many of us here who do not want to use a break at some point or another, but I can understand why you wouldn't. Either way good shooting! http://sgmtactical.com/sgm-products/muzzle_brakes_chokes/vepr-12-full-choke-with-external-threads/ http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/trx-mini-brake.htm http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/trx-monster-sgp61.htm http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/css-vepr12-brake.htm http://legionusainc.com/molot-gk-01-12-gauge-recoil-reduction-muzzle-brake.html
  3. GunFun, its cool to see you are in Spokane, I am in Post Falls
  4. I was wondering if your TWS hand guard has bushings? It seems like they have a new 2013 version and went back to the bushings after having heat problems when they took them away in their 2nd generation hand guards. How is the heat on sustained fire? Is that the standard or extended length also? Do you think if you had magpul flip up sights and removed the front sight they would clear the middle section?
  5. I actually think that looks awesome! The combo of the folding stock and wood, great idea. I love the carving, it looks sweet
  6. I don't think he is looking for you to accept his rifle, AR adapter, or scope. If you do not like it, do not worry, no one cares. "Different strokes for different folks" is implied in all firearm choices, that is why they make more than one type, as we all have our own preferences. I think anyone who takes time and money to create their own project adds diversity and give us new ideas. The most trite and tired notion among AK and AK variant owners, is that you somehow need to keep or make your AK proper, correct, or original. I think whatever you want to try to do or not do is great and really doesn't effect you or warrant condemnation, in any form. This is America not the Combloc, we don't need to conform, assimilate, or suckle the tit of those who would oppose original ideas. The classics and originals are great. They have great lines and a lot of great history and personality, I own a few in that form and love them. However, and just as important though, I support all abominations, freaks, and bastard AK's that dare push the envelope and stand out. Sgt. Raven, and all the other posters, keep up the pics and updates, it is great to see what you all have done!
  7. I will look them up, thanks. I am assuming you sent your whole gun in to have it set up and positioned properly, is that right?
  8. I have been looking locally in N. Idaho for someone to chop my Vepr 12 barrel and permanently attach a muzzle device with no luck in my area. Can anyone make a recommendation? It would be nice if it was somewhere out west to save on shipping but just looking for quality work at a reasonable price, thanks.
  9. I will never relieve the center of a rail unless I flat have no choice, I just don't like the look. These have tons of sight clearance. Cameron, do you have a time frame for the rear rail yet? I know, we just got the quad... At least you are busy...
  10. Nope, sight picture looks good I am worried about my barrel getting scratched though and wondering if I could/should put some kind of buffer between them. I think just like a half sheet of instructions or tips would have helped a little, as I was in tears when I had a wobbly rail, lol....
  11. Yes...I had a bit of a loose fit, a little front and back play but I think to accommodate for the variances in manufacturing they included the two small set screws on the bottom rail. Once you snug them to the barrel everything is extremely solid. Don't worry I thought the same thing and it was really disappointing but with just a twist or two and very light pressure on the barrel from those screws it tightened down like a champ! I have to think those are what they are there for I can't see another use for them. I was worried about them rubbing and scratching the barrel but I would hope that area doesn't really move a lot. We will see, but I am happy and would buy another, it is a VERY QUALITY product
  12. No super high res but I got em up, it is rock solid after getting it on and tightening everything down, I really like it!
  13. yeah I got it but it was not easy, I need to buy a vice.... Thanks
  14. Mountain Man

    Gas Tube...

    Okay, I feel kind of stupid asking this but does the shroud over the gas tube come off? I cannot figure out how...I know there are two end caps attached to the gas tube that look like they secure it, I just didnt want to bang on them if they dont come off...I am assuming it does because I cant see the Chaos rail fitting over it, can a guy get some help? Thanks!
  15. You should check out Primary Weapons System's FSC30. It is arguably the best MBC or as they list it a FSC (Flash Suppressing Compensator) and it helps reduce muzzle flash a great deal without being classified as a flash hider (ATF certified). They come standard on the SCAR and PWS is an extremely quality company. It will run you $100, but you get what you pay for. For quick follow up shots and quick target acquisition I haven't found anything that works better. I am planning on chopping and perm attaching this onto my Vepr 308 down to 16.1" and running an eotech as a MBR. Just remember you are going to need to find a thread adapter or have your barrel re threaded for the standard 5/8x24. as for Hanguards or rail systems on the 308 02 model it gets a little tougher as the gastube is unique to the 02 Integrated Sight model so it is a no go for Ultimak, Texas Weapons Systems, Damage Industries and basically anything else I love Midewest has a relatively inexpensive option for their Vepr rail that will work. BUT if you just want to go the hand guard route, which is becoming a lot more appealing to me Ronin's Hangguard seems to be the favorite and I have heard nothing but good things about them. You could attach a rail section to the bottom of that and run a variety of foregrips. Other than that CSS has some slotted and buckshot patterned tri-rails that would work and SGM has a quad coming out but the sight picture might be interrupted with the top rail section on. So, the SGM tri rail might be your best most cost effective bet and one I have beend considering as well.
  16. I might take the plunge and grab another Vepr 308, this time the version 1 20" squareback. For 850 do you think it is a good deal? I know centerfire has them for 1k+ but I am trying to weigh this purchase vs the next shipment of Veprs in late summer or fall but I dont know if they will be more or less expensive when 1500+ Veprs hit the shore in a couple months. What do you think?
  17. Congrats on your daughter Papa!!! Mine is 10 months and 1 on the way, yeah hobbies kind of take a back seat
  18. I start to think that way too, MountainMan, then I start thinking about cutting down the barrel and getting a permanent brake installed, then I start thinking that if I do that I'm looking at getting a professional to work the insides to optimize the reliability. Then you note that Cameron Hadley still plans on churning out VEPR magazines sometime in the coming months. It seems the word "complete" is a pretty temporary word on these damn things. Could not agree more... Cerakote, chop and brake, eotech, pauly's glass bolt and skull handle, damn I should not use the word complete, should I...
  19. Got my tracking info!!! Whooo hooo!!!!!!!!
  20. Cam, was wondering if the Chaos Saiga Rifle Quad Rail listed on CSS's website will be the front end of the AK titan rail system? I was going to get the quad for a Saiga 223 and hoping when the AK titans were finished, I could buy the rear half and have a complete setup. Will this be possible? Thank you! http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/chaos-rifle-q.htm
  21. What about using the warranty, and sending back in?
  22. Really really nice setup, I think I might follow suit on the UBR and move my bonesteel one of my rifles, its just super pricey...Thanks again for sharing, great project!
  23. Okay that is perfect though, if I need to put an optic on I can just put the top rail on, otherwise leave it off. Thanks for the new solution for the V2 vepr, I really appreciate it!
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