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  1. Even worse, Csspecs isn't listing 20 round Saiga .308 mags on his website - and IIRC (although I hope I'm wrong), he may have stopped producing them. My heat treat shop is over loaded, they have had my floor plates for five weeks, they could be back Monday... We have enough parts to make another 400, minus the floor plates which are made but not through heat treat. Great news - Thanks!
  2. Even worse, Csspecs isn't listing 20 round Saiga .308 mags on his website - and IIRC (although I hope I'm wrong), he may have stopped producing them. See below.
  3. Although Uinta's website is still up, and the site still accepts orders, they do not respond to emails or to messages left through their contact form. I placed an order that did not ship, and no response - to me or to PayPal after filing a dispute. Are they out of business?
  4. These look great! I probably have enough Saiga .308 magazines now, but I'd still buy several of these.
  5. I got my magazines (3 pack) Tuesday. I ran each magazine through three cycles (20 dummy rounds cycled manually, three times per magazines). They fed perfectly. I loaded the three magazines (20 rounds each), and left them loaded until I could get to the range. On Saturday, I fired each loaded magazine at the range until empty, then reloaded and repeated (a total of 40 rounds per magazine). All three magazines functioned perfectly.
  6. You've got it right. Checked if it's a foreign part, unchecked if it's U.S. made (or not installed, which is why it's unchecked as imported).
  7. AFAIK, no AR magwell is available for a Mini-14. With enough time and money, I suppose it could be done (but it would be very expensive). Mini-14 factory mags are relatively expensive (although cheaper than most Siaga specific mags), but are actually more reliable than most AR mags. CDNN has factory 20's on sale right now for $24.99 and factory 30's for $29.99.
  8. So far, I've only found new production Thermold AR-15 (20's and 30's) and AK-47 (30's and 47's) magazines for sale. I purchased some of the AR-15 20's and AK-47 30's.
  9. Opinions vary, but my reading of the law is that once you add a pistol grip you need to be in compliance (with 922r). You would not be in compliance using the factory mag (14 listed foreign parts - 3 for US made FCG -1 for US made stock + 1 for foreign pistol grip = 11 listed foreign parts.) A US made pistol grip, US made forend, or US made gas piston would get you there (with the foreign mag). You could also install a US made floor plate on the factory mag (I made my own, it's not too difficult).
  10. My first conversions, I used Krylon Fusion (satin black), and it matched and held up O.K.. Then I got a Parkerized AK with a messed up receiver cover and bought some Aluma-Hyde II, to see if I could match the rifle finish on an extra cover. The Dark Gray Parkerizing was a near perfect match and has held up very well. I liked the look so much, I redid my Saiga's with Aluma-Hyde II Dark Gray Parkerizing, and like it much better than the factory finish. The Aluma-Hyde II is a bit more work to apply, but requires no special tools (except patience, as it takes a loooooong time to cure). I d
  11. I have two EAA imported Saiga's (S-308's) and both do.
  12. http://www.utahconcealedcarry.com/viewtopi...?f=3&t=6252 FWIW, a quote reportedly from James:
  13. The rollers are out because the locking piece is in the fired position, and is pushing the rollers outward (this is what 'locks' the bolt while the round is being fired). To insert the bolt into the receiver, the locking piece must be in the rearward (cocked) position (where it is not pushing the rollers outward). Check this out for an illustrated view of the method nalioth suggests: http://personales.jet.es/rafa/CFD/e_FieldAssembling.html
  14. ETA: See post below for better explanation.
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