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  1. Have been looking for some good MOLLE based mag pouches for the Saiga-12 magazines. Went through a mountain of gear I used in the military, getting close but not quite right. Ended up grabbing some HSGI Tacos. I love Gene's gear, just not a fan of the Taco with these mags. Hit a local surplus store yesterday, more of a military collectable shop, and found what I think's the best option out there. Fits like a glove. Did a Google search and found out it's made for the JTRS radio by either Sandpiper of California or Fireforce. They are available on Amazon in any color or camo you'd want
  2. Any happy medium in a length for decent outdoor work as well as interior? Meaning if I needed to engage someone outdoors at say the far end of the house. Agree it's better to be short as possible for indoor work but don't want it to be useless if an engagement happens outdoors
  3. Have a Saiga-12 I bought just to buy. Looking to use it for home defense, loaded with 00 Buck. Not looking to do an SBS. How short can I go without causing problems? I know I may need to add a forth gas port.
  4. What did you end up doing with your Saiga? Any pics? By the way, is that Stroke's rifle on your profile pic?
  5. The various machine guns we use have similar groves on their operating rods that serve the same purpose, cleaning carbon as they function. I'll have to grab one of these.
  6. Don't be afraid to go all out and convert it yourself. It's really, really simple. The only dilemma, in my book, is what to do with the extra holes. Being anal I had mine welded shut, but there are much easier options, such as the plastic plugs.
  7. If it was meant to have a buffer Kalashnikov would have designed it with one.
  8. I like the E-clips myself, and I'm traditionally a Sheppard's crook fan
  9. If you're putting a pistol grip back on it, you'll have to either use one of these, the Tromix, Dinzag or modify your own.
  10. Do it yourself. It's really simple
  11. Dinzag's is also a modified Tapco
  12. It sounds like you've planned for it all. Any thoughts on a muzzle device? If you haven't done so, check out Dinzag's website. Lots of good stuff there. Yeah, love it or hate it, it's plum furniture
  13. You'll have to mod the FCG you're buying or buy one already modified. Dinzag sells a Tapco FCG that'll drop right in. Your TG options include the Tromix, modifying the one you remove, or a modified military TG and stop. I think there's another option out there... A normal AK stock will work, but will require fitting as most AK stocks do. I haven't tried the retainer plate, but have used the e-clamps Dinzag has and they're a hell of a lot easier than anything I've ever tried. Here's mine...
  14. Cutting the PG hole is simple. I started doing it on mine minutes after I got it home using a drill.
  15. I have a WASR-22 and it's damn near my favorite gun. Some people have problems with them. Most are able to tune the problems out. The only problem I had with mine was self-inflicted; I grabbed hollowpoints by accident and they didn't like to chamber right every time. I tried forcing a round into battery and it knocked the extractor out. That said, if I could find them cheap enough I'd buy more for my kids to have them. Unlike every other .22 AK out there, this one is a real AK and most parts are interchangeable with a real AK. The bolt, carrier, etc are completely different but eve
  16. Guess I didn't shoot it enough to loosen up
  17. I did some searching here but nothing did me any good... I took my converted saiga-12 out to the range for the first time today, ever. I started drilling and cutting before I ever shot it! Anyway, I finally got it out to the range, over a year after buying it. A couple of FTE's due to me not setting the gas setting right, but that was an easy fix. The problem I did have was not being able to get the Polychoke to budge! How do you get it to move? Do you have to remove that external spring, clamp, whatever it is? Does it take a pipe wrench and a vice or should it move by hand? I p
  18. Do it yourself. It's pretty easy using simple tools. I did my own, but contracted out to get the extra holes welded shut and refinished. There are options out there you can use though that eliminate the need for the welding and most of the refinish. It's pretty quick, easy and painless.
  19. If you move to an NFA friendly state there's a form to fill out to let them know you're moving and taking the weapon with you. If you're moving to a communist state you'll have to either sell the weapon or convert it to non-NFA and have it removed from the registry.
  20. A friend of mine just about got shot over a bottle of cologne in the console of his car. He had no idea why the guy was freaking the fuck out so the cop couldn't figure out why Paul wasn't being more apologetic, which got him more wound up.
  21. Unless he's changed designs, the gas tube lever on the press on version is non-functional. You'd have to press off the gas block to remove the gas tube. The bolt on version you'd be able to remove the tube, but I don't think it would be done as easily as using the lever. You'd probably just have to unbolt it.
  22. I get canned e-mail replied so most of my e-mails, but I have also gotten personal phone calls, so they do read some of them. Sitting back and watching it happen doesn't work. We tried that with the "assault weapon" ban, and look where it got us. We won't be so lucky this time.
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