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  1. Still around, though it's been a while since I checked in here.
  2. No intention of selling it. Just trying to see if there's a way to keep from having to have it destroyed if I die. Just wondering if it can be "made by" the Trust.
  3. Hi guys I understand that if I build an AK receiver (or an AR receiver for that matter), that it would be for personal use, I cannot sell it, and when I die, it is supposed to be destroyed, as they can't be transferred to another. My question is: if I were to have a trust (like an NFA trust), could the receiver be "made" by, and be the property of the trust? It's considered a legal "person, per se. Trusts don't die like people do. That way, a surviving trustee would still have access to the weapon. I'm not talking about making the reciever into an SBR on a form 1. I'm talking about h
  4. I bet the SGAmmo ammo is the same stuff. I see that it's back-ordered there.
  5. Ran across some Russian 223 ammo at a local gun show. Steel case. The guy had 5 or 6 boxes of 1000 each. Decent price, but...... He said the primers were harder (or maybe he said thicker) than regular ammo and that your average 223 rifle (like an AR) probably wouldn't ignite it without modifying it with a heavier hammer spring. I'm looking at them for my Saiga 233, not an AR. I read somewhere that some folks had increased the depth of their firing pin strikes by removing a very slight amount of material from the back of the AK's bolt. A few thousands, I'm thinking. Would this be safe?
  6. Anyone heard of a shoot going on? Even if it's not at the Pit?
  7. Holy dead thread resurrection ! Anyone heard of a pumpkin shoot going on at the Pit..... or anywhere else?
  8. I have one on mine. It's handy for sure. I THINK the variance for the different calibers are made into the rear sight base, not the actual rear sight (as Koevoet says above). I've only used mine out to 300 meters though, so I can't say how it would do beyond that.
  9. How do you think his proposed NFA Trust change will affect people that already have them? I assume they checked my background when I filed on behalf of the Trust. I've never even had so much as a parking ticket in my life, so whatever. But will they say "Sorry, you can't own that NFA item until we check you out"? I'm wanting to add my wife as a trust member as well. Like me, she's got a clean record. I suspect I should probably do that sooner rather than later.
  10. Is this still going on? This Saturday would be the day, I assume.
  11. I use an RS Regulate too, though I still had to cut a very small amount off the inside, where it slides onto the rail (on the front). Works great.
  12. Years ago, I had a Firestar in 45 ACP. I wish I hadn't traded it away. I (like Sparticus) also have a Taurus PT145. Had it for a few years now and it's never given me an issue yet. It's only had somewhere around 2k rounds through it, barely. Still, it's always gone bang when I've asked it to. A friend of mine picked up the mini XD single stack 45 about 4 months ago and it looks and feels great. Shoots nice too. I'm considering one for myself.
  13. evl, I'd love to see a video of it on your shorty S-12, if you ever decide to do that.
  14. I'll take the GuideGear Electronic Shooting Muffs. PM inbound
  15. My deceased buddy's widow still has all his firearms, including an Armalite/Eagle AR-10. I know that Eagle Arms had bought the rights to the AR-10 at one point and produced some. Not sure if they still do or if they are any good. What's weird though, is I understand the Eagle Arms AR-10s are supposed to have chrome moly barrels instead of stainless, but I'd swear that one has a stainless barrel. Been thinking of trying to buy it from her.
  16. Maybe someone can tell me.... I saw an Armalite AR-10 that also said "Eagle Arms" on the receiver. After a little research, all I could find out was that Eagle Arms bought the Armalite brand in 1995 or so. Are these ones any good, worse or about the same as the "Armalite only" models? I think it was an AR-10T model (had free floated barrel).
  17. Agreed. If they were $50 or so, then maybe. I polished my G2 group and it's plenty smooth and fast enough for me. I suppose if someone were trying to make a DMR or sniper setup, you could add take up and overtravel adjustments, but for just shooting fast, IMO, put the money toward ammo and PRACTICE turning money into noise, if you really want to shoot that quickly.
  18. I don't know if they work with Saigas, but Krebs sells an ambidextrous safety similar to the VEPR now.
  19. Not really worth it for ME, but if some people want one, more power to them. My Saiga 223 has a fairly short reset now (for an AK) and can fire as fast as I need it to go.
  20. I'm DEFINITELY a Star Wars fan. Not sure if I'm a geek or a nerd though. Probably geek. I prefer to call myself a "Trilogian", as I only recognize the original trilogy and consider the prequels about the same way I would expanded universe comic books. Mostly because of Lucas introducing the whole "Barney the Dinosaur factor" with Jar Jar, so the little kids would watch. So, how much of a geek am I? Well, one of my hobbies is designing custom lightsaber hilts (no, they can't cut anything). They're basically flashlights with a plastic tube for a blade and custom sound effects. Here's
  21. Mine is a tad overgassed and the auto plug works great. I don't use 3" shells though.
  22. I'll check mine. Are they hyper velocity? Just got my first suppressor, so I'm looking for standard or subsonic, ideally.
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