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Makes me wounder, whats in store for us.

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I am going to investigate this. During civil emergency? If that means humanitarian help like during Katrina it is cool by me but anything else is too much.



Oh yea.... humanitarian help like during Katrina, sure thats fine. As long as there not taking away peoples guns and freedoms.... again. But the part in your head thats ringing the alarm to check into this, thats the part that has me wondering what the hell is really going on here.


Seems to me are government likes to do tricks like Houdini use to. As everyone is watching the right hand, the real trick is going on with there left hand. I'm waiting to hear the "good" reason why there doing this. Probably to protect us from ourselves.... yea right!


BTW-> For some people here that might not like hearing this so called "crazy talk". How about making a section for talking about SHTF, Conspiracy stuff, what some might say is really going on area, zombies, end of the world stuff, nuclear destruction, civil up rest, total government take over, How-to survive such things and prepare for them and all that other fun stuff. We can call it the Tin Foil Hat Area if it sounds to crazy to some. It would probably clean up the general,political and a little of the funny section too. I figure with current events going the way they are, we should all know what to do and how to prepare. Plus its always fun to discuss and argue about the best way to kill a hoard of zombies.


I made a poll, curious about what you guys think, if it could be done.

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Too many areas make for a watered down, boring, non-informative forum. Mall Ninjas, Dooms Day Waiters, and the like.....please grab your tin foil hat and B.O.B. (or whatever the fuck you call it) and report to ARF.com.

This place was born on Zombie killing, I'd like to see it stay that way as it's already starting to get spread a little thin. :ded:

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not to piss in anybodys beer but im getting kind of tired of hearing about this kind of shit. If the day comes where something happens then hopefully we are all prepared for it, but until then just leave it alone. im not saying that none of this shit is possible im just saying stop talking about it online, prepare yourself and go about your life, i really see no need for a section for this.

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i voted no.. i enjoy chatting about it but it kinda ruins the "credibility" of saiga when right next to the political discusions or tech help there is a zombie section.


i love this site: http://zombiehunters.org/


i enjoy the random topic thread here but no need to add a FULL version. one of the things i love about this site is that it's focused and clean. i get what i need from here (saiga info and saiga comradere)... no need to muddle it.

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I'm more a less wondering peoples mind set here. I notice more non-saiga post are randomly popping up making people question whats going on. I think most people would agree things don't look so great right now in the world. I'm curious if more people are starting to prepare for SHTF or questioning what they see going on around them. I do plan on having the same poll in a year and seeing how things have changed.


As for as watering down the place. I can totally agree with that. Soon everyone will want there own little subject area. I must say I like the idea of the "Blowin' Shit Up For Fun" area.


Considering you already have members posting such things and the way things are going in the world, I would say your going to be seeing more of these kinds of post anyways. That was the reason for suggesting the area. Personally if I had the money I would ask the owners here if I could pay the hundred dollars a month and have my very own business area..... with banner! I would sale nothing but ideas. Everyone that doesn't want to hear it can stay out of that area.



BTW-> Please don't tell me "I'm sorry your always (worried, scared, paranoid) all day". Because I actually live my life like every other "normal" person. Only difference is I keep my eyes, ears and mind WIDE open to whats going on around me.

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GearheadFTW I agree with you completely. For more stuff to ruffle your feathers check out proposed bill HR 1955 which I believe goes hand in hand with what you state here.



Theres a prime example... bill HR 1955.


While Southern California had the fires and every major news network, including cable were providing non-stop coverage, a very dangerous bill to liberty and freedom was passed by 404 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The people are all watching one thing, while things are being passed under are own noses without a mention.



Right off a web site:


"First let's take a look at the definitions of violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism as defined in Section 899A of the bill. The definition of violent radicalization uses vague language to define this term of promoting any belief system that the government considers to be an extremist agenda. Since the bill doesn't specifically define what an extremist belief system is, it is entirely up to the interpretation of the government. Considering how much the government has done to destroy the Constitution they could even define Ron Paul supporters as promoting an extremist belief system. Literally, the government according to this definition can define whatever they want as an extremist belief system. Essentially they have defined violent radicalization as thought crime."


Wow, I guess I can be found guilty already. Ron Paul supporter right here!


The timing of the passage of H.R. 1955 was no accident; see roll call of votes here. The fact that 404 members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted for it tells me this collective body of dangerous individuals that have taken this country, with the blessing of every past president since Roosevelt, to the brink of financial ruin are now very afraid of what's going to happen when the peasants (that's us) find themselves left with nothing. Additionally, the push for a new, unbiased investigation into 911 is turning into an unmanageable situation for the shadow government.


Tens of millions of Americans do NOT want Bush to unconstitutionally invade and bomb Iran, a non threatening country and should the peasants, commonly referred to as the "working man", refuse to support this insanity, a new draconian law will be in place to crush we the people. Many now realize it's too late to stop exactly what Lou Dobbs so courageously railed about on his show, October 26, 2007:

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