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Thank you sir! What have our youth come to? Nevermind...




I am 32 (the day it becomes pres) and I am sitting here dumb founded. I just can't understand it. I hope that I can instill some sort of right and wrong in my 7 year old.



These will be tough times to raise children for sure.

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We sent our children to private Christian school starting in 6th grade. My daughter came home one day and told us that her friends were smoking pot and she wanted to be accepted and was tempted. (we have always been a very close, open family) The decision was made to get her and my son out of that atmosphere. Some friends chose to home school their children. We spent EVERY evening together at dinner (sometimes we didn't eat until 9:00pm or so due to work) and that was a top priority for me. At times my bride would get home late and be irritated that the kids hadn't eaten yet. Didn't matter, we did this every night. After a crappy day at work and late in the evening she found that visiting with each other about what happened that day, politics, finance, kids school issues, whatever that it always put her in a better mood. 25 yrs later she teaches that very technique to young mothers (each year she teaches a Young Mothers class for nine months). Spend time with your kids (we did Indian Princess & Cub Scout through Eagle Scout) and let them know what it means to be a "insert Last Name". Discuss continually your religious beliefs, your political beliefs, your work ethic, your financial & savings ethic, and so on. The results have been very positive for us. My son attended a private Christian college and my daughter attended a Texas state college. Both were in a constant state of knowing who they were and what they believed and called out professors or students in class who attempted to peddle the current puke and pablum that passes for education. In the case of my daughter it cost her a good grade in one class and she was forced to drop another; but the price was well worth it. My son graudated in three years and my daughter graduated in four years (they were alloted 4 years to graduate even if they had to take summer school).


So many parents allow the public schools or the Sunday school class to take the responsibility of raising, educating, and instilling beliefs in their children and the results are what we have witnessed. If you want to be a parent, accept that it is an expensive, all time consuming and yet rewarding thing. Our children still call or e-mail a few times each day to see what is going on in the "insert Last Name" family and they are 24 & 25. Rant Off



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