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Picture Post ,Lets see your .223!

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First, I have every right to be an ass because I am a lawful gun owner and frequent this forum and don't want it to turn into some fucking weirdo illegal gun / militia bullshit cause of idiots like yo

First of all, instead of being an ass, you could be more specific. Second, i said i JUST got the gun, meaning I haven't bought or added the American parts I need. Third, chill out.

CCCP you've got no right to be an asshole to him. He just fucking got the gun. He put the 30 in for what? Five fucking minutes? Let's see the BATF worry about him putting in an unloaded 30 round magaz

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Tapco T6 Six position stock

Ergo grip

G2 trigger group

Homemade bullet guide to run Galil's

Custom camo job...by me! biggrin.gif

Leapers Bi-rail scope mount

NC Star 3-9x42 Illuminated mil-dot scope

2 forend rails attached

Vertical grip

Rail attachable bi-pod



I love this! 



AKs by Damage Photos, on Flickr
DSC_0020 by Damage Photos, on Flickr



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Build I just finished up.. this muzzle brake is nuts!






Magpul AK Stock

Magpul AK Grip

Carolina Shooters Supply Parts (Trigger components, Bullet Guide, etc)

JR Billet VPR Muzzle Break

Tapco Intrafuse Handguard

Troy 2 Point Sling

UTG Scope Mount

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot.

Bullet Button for AK

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Nothing fancy. Beryl stock and dogleg top cover. I think I welded the trigger guard on also lol.


Homemade front-sight/gasblock. I just use galil mags.

Nice!  Other than the wrapping on the baryl stock, I like it!  (I found wrapped stocks pull my face hairs)

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Picked up a bonesteel folder.  I like how the CRT looks on it.  Needs a cheek riser.

Also blocks the trigger while folded.  Trying to decide if that's a deal breaker or not.



Bonesteel by Damage Photos, on Flickr

Do you have any pics of it with the stock folded?


Ask and you shall receive. 



Truck Gun by Damage Photos, on Flickr

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It's been a while since anyone has posted any images... I am guessing ppl have become bored with their saigas or there just isn't as many available to convert/work with. Ive posted steps Ive taken to make mine what I have wanted in the past and I think I may be really close to where I want it.

Bonesteel Left sidefolder (nato length)

Monstrum handguard

Phantom Flash Hider

I cut 1.75 inches from my barrel, pinned and welled the brake onto it.

I did this earlier this year before everything went to shit and became crazy. Right after my new mods, this thing shoots better than a pistol one handed and has almost no recoil. I, at the least hope ppl are still out there doing fun stuff to saigas even though they are so fucking hard to find at a price that is okay. Oh, and wreck my ass on my mods if you want, Id like to hear anything and everything about it. Its completely 922r.


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