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Picture Post ,Lets see your .223!

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Lets see Those .223's. Lets try and get a picture post going in each of the caliber forums showing your gun and the mods listed.I know alot of newer members like to see what others have done to there guns.Lets keep it imformative with no replys.If you want to ask a guestion or say ooo-ahh email or PM the poster.Hopefull these can one day be stickyed or put in the New Member/Tech section for refurances.I got one going in 7.62x39,12.





USA made stock

Fal type grip

G2 trigger group

Slotted forearm

Kobra red dot sight

Fal flashider

Fal bayonet

Dinzags bullet guide

Modified 30rd Bulgarian waffles & Galil 35rd Orlites

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First, I have every right to be an ass because I am a lawful gun owner and frequent this forum and don't want it to turn into some fucking weirdo illegal gun / militia bullshit cause of idiots like yo

First of all, instead of being an ass, you could be more specific. Second, i said i JUST got the gun, meaning I haven't bought or added the American parts I need. Third, chill out.

CCCP you've got no right to be an asshole to him. He just fucking got the gun. He put the 30 in for what? Five fucking minutes? Let's see the BATF worry about him putting in an unloaded 30 round magaz

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I started with a basic Tromix conversion then I threaded the barrel and added the four prong FH(US made of course).

Plus the Kobra makes a nice little tactical rifle for me. Like I said before though, no SBRs allowed in IL. :(

The rifle is modified to accept Bulgarian waffles and Weiger type magazines.



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Saiga .223 16"




Bulgarian AK stock

K Var US made HGs

Ar15 PG

Barrel threaded by me 14/1 LH

Reused Saiga TG drilled and riveted

Pistonring8 beadblasted and polished bolt carrier

Factory stampings painted in white with red "Fire"

G-2 single hook FCG

K Var Bulgarian bullet guide (modified to fit and threaded into trunnion)

Blackjack green buffer

Bulgarian gas tube

Bulgarian lower retainer

Bulgarian AK-74 cleaning rod

Bulgarian 30 rd and 20 rd clear mags (smoke)

Bulgarian black composite 30rd mags

Factory Izhmash 10 rd mag

US made AK-74 brake

Clearview Investments siderail scope mount

NC Star 3-9 X 42 scope

Jeric's extended mag release lever

Tactical 3 point sling custom made by vjor

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Well, here are my two .223's


One was converted a year ago, the other this morning.


It's weird, but in the flash, the wood forearm looks like it matches the stock on the other rifle better. However, in normal light it is almost a perfect match to the stock on the rifle that it is already on... Strange... :unsure:


Both are complete conversions... but I would not call them "Finished"... They both could use some final painting, or fine touch up work... for me, I kinda like them rough... that way I don't care about abusing them in the field... if they were all pretty-pretty... I wouldn't want to take them out of the house! LOL


Anyways... Enjoy!!






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They look good,I assume you have butthole stocks because you live in NY?


Nope... I have butthole stocks because I actually like they way they look... and I got them for 99 cents each. ( they actually came to $3.00 each after shipping charges... I had 20 of them at that price, sold off most to get all my money back, leaving me with several for my projects... and it makes a conversion SO EASY... :up: LOL :up: )



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They look good,I assume you have butthole stocks because you live in NY?


Nope... I have butthole stocks because I actually like they way they look... and I got them for 99 cents each. ( they actually came to $3.00 each after shipping charges... I had 20 of them at that price, sold off most to get all my money back, leaving me with several for my projects... and it makes a conversion SO EASY... :up: LOL :up: )





Well if you like them then why not?Cheap enough too.

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Well - while not a Saiga, it is my "tinker toy" .223 AK

1 - Galil ARM with ARMSON O.E.G. tube mount & mags

2 - with M-16 Mag adaptor & ARMSON O.E.G. tube mount

3 - set up as an AR

4 - With trilux on an Israeli throw lever mount




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Working on getting the folding pistol grip stock made for all Saiga rifles right now. Anyone tried these:


They say they work on all Saigas. If anyones tried these before, feedback would be much appreciated. Thanx!



Yeah more illegal Saiga pics!

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Well, I wasn't satisfied with the way it looked before... I get fussy when things dont match...







So I decided to change a few things, thread the barrel, and stick the Tantal brake on it... as it didn't belong on the WASR10... a different stock... ( well, same style, just the proper color to match the hand guard)







So there ya go... I think it looks a little better now... :up:



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My first saiga and I love it. The only thing that I've done to it is retro-fit an mp5 tactical rail system to the existing front stock. A little bit of drilling, dremeling, and sweat and it was done ;) Still on the fence as to do the pistol grip conversion.




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In the process of ordering the parts. I've decided 1. for legal issues and 2. I'm not a fan of how grip/stock combos look. Thanks for the advice Indy.




I would!!! :up: :up:


At the very least it will get ya legal with the hicaps you have stuck in it. :ph34r:




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Had this for a while now......


Saiga 5.56 - Receiver, Bolt, Bolt carrier, front trunion, barrel, hammer

Russian Rear trunion, buttstock, Pistol grip

VMON upper handguard

Bulgarian Police lower handgard (working flash light)

The rest are bulgarian parts from a K-VAR kit


Used a 2 rivet feedramp from a bulgarian sidefolder (russian trunion one)

Takes unmodified Bulgarian or Polish mags



The black mag is a Russian 45rd 5.56 mag.

The clear mag shown in the last picture is a Polish Beryl 30rd mag






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Oooooooooooh I remember that puppy! that thing's mega fuckin sweet!

I posted a pic of that here a few months ago from gunsnet.

Awesome conversion!


Damn I was scrolling down and that mag just kept coming and coming... :super:

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(Sorry for the 'lo-res' photo, but that seems to be all I could get out of the "'Manage Current Attachments' menu" - everything with more pixels bombed out. Maybe I'm just 'pixel impaired'... ;>)


Here it is (my 'Econo-Saiga-Build'), from bow to stern:


US-made AR-15 AK-74-style muzzle device (from my 'parts bin:' threaded 1/2x28 RH, originally purchased on Gunbroker, after the sunset of the 'assault weapons ban,' for $10);


QD sling swivel stud, mounted on the left side of the factory handguards (from my 'parts bin:' don't remember the price of the stud & swivel);


Modified Weaver rail, mounted at original sling swivel location (from my 'parts bin:' Weaver part # 94, rear scope mount for the Winchester M94 'angle-eject,' modified with a half-round file, and various grades of emory paper wrapped around available tubing, to fit the Saiga handguard; originally purchased from the clearance area at a Walmart store for $1, with the Weaver rings and front mount included, IIRC - bargain hunters take note);


Slightly modified German(?) G-3 'skinny handguard' heat shield, mounted inside the factory Saiga handguards ($5, IIRC, for the entire G-3 handguard, on Gunbroker - my idea, my design, and my work);


AK-74 rear sight blade, or 'plate' (from the 'parts bin' [and don't buy from Global, whatever you do, if you want one], graduated to 1000 meters, with the markings painted orange or white - and that's Allis Chalmers orange, by the way, since I'm from a family of successful farmers);


Dinzag's bullet guide for Orlite & Bulgy mags ($25 for the 'full monty' [you can never have too many quality bits or taps], thanks again to dinzag, angrydutchman, & vjor, for the excellent end result);


A bunch of Galil Orlites, in like-new condition, at next-to-nothing prices ($5 each, thank you very much, CDNN);


US-made Orlite floorplates (my idea, my design, and my work - 100% reliable, so far);


US-made Orlite follower (untested & experimental - thank you for the idea, Havoc308!);


Stock Saiga trigger guard, with front 'tang' left long (to allow Orilte mags to fit tight - my idea, my design, and my work - 100% reliable, so far);


'Fire' & 'Safe' markings painted (thank you again, Rustoleum white & Allis Chalmers orange spray paint, applied with a chopped-off Q-tip);


G2 double-hook FCG (about $35, IIRC, in a package with the following part);


Red Star Arms axis pin retaining plate (included in a package with the above - just shows you how stupid the Leftists are, in most ways, that they didn't think this up themselves. Trust American gun-owner ingenuity to improve things!);


'Shortened' BHO (and everyone is right - it IS a major PITA to reinstall, but it is definitely worth the effort, IMHO);


'Big-White-Dot' safety indicator (big white paint dot painted on the right side of the hammer: if you can see it with the safety off, the action is not cocked - my idea [as far as I know], my design, and my work);


Internal stainless steel pistol grip reinforcing plate (my idea, and my design - I worked it out in 1/8" aluminum, and used my own aluminum plates on a couple of AK builds, but this particular plate is a prototype from a great WECSOG-parts vendor at AKfiles, based on my idea. Mil-spec folding-stock AKs have an external reinforcing plate for the pistol grip, that is welded to the receiver. If you are interested in an internal reinforcing plate - no welding required - I can refer you to our mutual friend at AKfiles, or suggest how you might fabricate your own, or you can figure it out yourself, because it's definitely not 'brain surgery');


US-made pistol grip (thank you, K-Var, for the grip & conventional butt stock, ~$49 IIRC, butt stock not mounted in this photo);


Recoil buffer (I don't remember who to thank, because I've had it so long, but 'thanks!'); and


Thumb-lever Romy side-folding stock (thank you, DPH Arms - $49 is the deal of the century).


All of the work involved in the above conversion was my own. But many thanks to all of the folks who have posted here - in my opinion, nothing beats an informative website (like this one) when it comes to building/converting a 100% reliable firearm, in a safe, legal, and proficient manner...



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