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My father passed tonight at 91.  He served 41.5 years and retired as a major.  In WWII, he was a B-24 radar navigator.  He missed the call for flight crews in Korea, and was activated during the Berlin crisis and served at Ft. Lewis.  He was company commander in the WI Guard when the OH-58's came into my unit, and I was a mechanic on them when they left.  As a pilot he flew both fixed wing and helicopters, and was a senior aviator.  His last assignment was commander of an artillery meteorlogic section.  His proudest moment was when he pinned my aircrewmember wings at Ft. Rucker.





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I am sorry for your loss.  No words can describe the hole that a loss of a parent leaves.  Your dad was indeed a member of the greatest generation.  Our nation has lost another patriot and is lessened by it.  God bless.

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It sounds like he had a full life. Better than most.


I'm sorry for your family's loss but, I know he is much happier where he is now, probably dancing a jig and watching over us down here, free of the painful confines of this world.


I don't believe death is the end.


There is no dought that he is missed.


Hugs and prayers for you and your family.

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My sincerest condolences.


Your Father was obviously a great man and patriot, who dedicated almost half his life to our nation.

My thanks and prayers to him, and to you and your family for your loss.

He will still be with you.


My Father gave 35 years of service in the military and law enforcement.

He passed several years back.

Never forgotten.

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I know it hurts, but remember the good times. 

My dad's 88, and an Army vet. I know I'll have to deal with it someday, but I'm enjoying every day we have.


I'm sorry for your pain.

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So sorry for you loss Nemo.


They broke the mold for that generation. May your dad rest in peace.


With gratitude for his service, and for yours.



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