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  1. Chaos rail ace side folder polished internals. This thing will run any ammo you put in it. magpul moe stock with cheek riser it is the perfect height for an eotech . foward grip 5 5 round mags 1 factory 4 keepshooting mags. 4 10 round mags 2 agp 2 promag. the promags suck but there are lots of ways to get them working well I just have never bothered. surefire 951 with pressure switch extra bulb. one additional agp mag with a broken front lip you can use for parts. I love this gun and it is a beast but an awesome offer for a fishing kayak came up so it is for sale. 1100 shipped or 1050 ftf. I c
  2. I think having or not having a supply of lrbho mags in something larger than 5 rounds will be a big factor on how well these sell. Not to say that people won't buy them but I think many more would buy them if they knew that they could get 8 round or larger mags with lrbho for a good price.
  3. ar 15 for sale. otis cleaning pistol grip system. stag lower dpms internals colt upper. nice rail system some where on it. 5 usgi quality mags. selling to buy my brother a saiga for Christmas. not permitted to post a picture for some reason. will include magpul moe if bought in the next week.
  4. looks like I will have to sell my agp mags. What tools are needed for installation? does the push button just release the rear tab on the mag or is it like r and r where you dremil out a side slot in you mag? It looks great guys.
  5. please god for my dickface brother and his birthday let this be true.
  6. I think cobra does the work on the followers but I am not sure.
  7. how many people have wrote them requesting affordable eight or ten rounders? I have if you get enough demand some times good things happen.
  8. you can get a good cheek to stock weld with the moe or ctr stock if you are using an optic you will probally need a cheek riser but they are only about 20 bucks.
  9. guns are great there is a post on that somewhere in here. I think the guy who wrote it has a pic of himself on a bike.
  10. their was a cat from Ny on hear that did a nice looking saiga with a thumbhole stock behind the receiver to stay in the law you should look up his thread.
  11. ar prices have decreased alot lately and I have seen bushmasters go for 650 with a cheap bushnell scope on them. So it is not totally impossible for the price to go back down. If you think about it this all started in january so it has been less than 90 days while it was a dramatic turn up there is no way to tell if it is permanent the best way to tell is to stop buying them for a couple of months. The tin foil hat group unbfortinatly lives in the gun community so I doubt that as a group we could come together and drive down merchant prices. People do need to stop blaming merchants for this pr
  12. I was looking to buy the new lrbho. I remember it being put out that it would work with your ds mags. My question is because it has to be tuned for specific mags are your ds mags going to be close enough to agp mags that if I tune the lrbho for the agp mags will I be able to use it on your mags or should I wait to get it untell your mags are released?
  13. part came in the mail thanks man.

  14. don't think so they are usgi quality but I used the same type through all afganistan they work great recommend going with 28 rounds instead of thirty.
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