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  1. I must be confused. I got my plug with my second-run drum order. quite some time ago.
  2. Corbin has it right, you gotta grind a notch into your BHO if you want to use a plate. Be prepared for that. It's no big deal as long as you know about it going into it.
  3. I guess the same could be said for a converted S12 with an AGP or an MD20 eh? Are you planning on shooting someone with that? wtf... did you REALLY just ask that here?
  4. And what exactly is that supposed to mean?
  5. I think his point is that there aren't holes in his receiver with little plastic plugs, or just open holes, or he didn't have to do any welding/grinding/painting there. Not a terrible idea, and it hardly looks like ass. Also, hotlinking to a thread in another forum is fine. Linking directly to the photos is definately poor web ettiquette. Best way to handle it is to link directly to the forum thread. No need to copy and rehost the same images. That's a waste of internet resources.
  6. It's all a bunch of BS. A couple twin .50's (one on the bow, one at the stern) should be installed on ALL of these boats. If those stupid countries want goods shipped in or out of their ports, they're gonna have to allow them in, fully armed. If all the shipping companies would get their heads out of their asses, that is. They don't even want their men carrying rifles onboard. They're saying "if a man on your boat has a gun, do what he tells you." They are just like all the other corporations: concerned more about the potential liability then they are about your life as their employee
  7. Why do I get the feeling that it's not just those who may dissagree with juggernaut that are the trolls.... I'm no Obamaton... but I sure have been jumped on as if I were. There is a lot of hate and extremism brewing within the members of this forum. Totally closed-minded and unwilling to hold reasonable discussions. If you disagree with them you are mobbed, even though we are all here for basically the same purpose. Those trolls are no better than the other trolls that attempt reasonable debate on topics from which threads have been based. Now.. where'd I leave that thread w
  8. I've found that those who fail to cock, find themselves lonely for a long, long time.
  9. WIN! I think a lot like this man. I constantly lecture my wife to bring her pistol with her when she is upstairs. Especially because she leaves the slider open for the dogs. She's stuck up here with no way out, and no way to defend herself. And people think we're crazy. This is real life. Be prepared. Have the tools you need to stay alive, and learn how to use them.
  10. I'm betting any AK pistol grip will work. I bought the one with all the different grip and backstrap options, made in Israel. It wasn't a drop-in, but considering I had my Dremel and other various tools on the workbench (read: garage floor) for the conversion, I made it work with minimal effort. little trim here and there, no problem.
  11. from 2002.. I don't think many heeded their advice. Obviously They didn't do the first thing you always do before shooting a new firearm: break it down, make sure it is cleaned and oiled, and put it back together properly.
  12. lol np Cobra. I didn't even want to bother you anyway, with all you got going on. Oh well! I did think about modding the BHO, and I would have eventually figured out to grind the safety, but I didn't remember ever seeing anyone mention that so I thought I was doing something wrong! lol!
  13. the stick mags STICK out real far, and don't look as cool. You can't run 3" shells in the drum... there are pros and cons to each. The main thing is you'll have 20 rounds and no reload.
  14. This post should be a sticky, so everyone doing an S12 conversion will know before-hand that this will be an issue. None of the videos or instructions I've seen mentioned this, and though I was diligent in my research prep, this cost me a day of frustration for what should be a 1-2 hour job total. Argh!! lol.
  15. just fyi, I converted my S12 today using the Tapco folding AK stock. Not the one you have, but the one that works with a normal AK. It broke within 5 minutes. This is not stuff you'd want on a real weapon indended to remain durable when the SHTF. I'm pissed I wasted $50 on it. I was tryin to save money on the conversion. Now I gotta buy the right stuff anyway, and I'm down $50. I hate when that happens. I should have known better, but didn't think the Crapco was THAT bad....until it broke.
  16. I figured out the video problem. for whatever reason, when I went to your video it was trying to access the video in "HQ" mode. pressing the HQ button got it working. Thanks for the video. Still exremely frustrated. lol.
  17. The problem is with using the retainer plate. You can't install the retainer plate while the safety is already in the gun. But then, you can't install the safety after teh BHO is in the gun. Apparently, you can't install the safety after the trigger is installed unless you grind a portion of it off. After closer inspection I can see that the safety contacts the disconnector on one side, and the trigger on the other. Taking the side of the safety that contacts the disconnector down a few mm, and modding the BHO would certainly make it work. I'm done for now, totally annoyed that my Crapco
  18. I like the BHO. I can't lock in a drum or mag with the bolt shut for the life of me... Anyway, I was able to put everything together by sticking the safety in first, then hooking the spring over the BHO last... Sure, it worked, but the shepard's crook doesn't engage the hammer pin. I can push it out with a punch with only moderate hand pressure. I'm taking a break because I've been at this all day, for what should have taken no more than 2 hours. I'm dissapointed that I didn't find this stuff before Also, I used a Crapco folding stock because I was running low on funds. What
  19. still gotta grind down the bottom of the safety a bit where it contacts the disconnector, or it won't rotate into place. Thanks for the pics.
  20. I see. What he did was grind off a bit of the safety, down at the bottom where it engages the back of the trigger. If I installed the safety lever first, it wouldn't rotate up and out of the way because it was contacting the disconnector. I couldn't put it in after the trigger assembly either because of the same reason. I'm a bit hesitant to gring off part of the safety mechanism... I think i'll just use the shepards crook... Oh, just an FYI: The trigger assembly is a Texas Trigger worked over by Cobra. I got my retaining plate from Cobra as well, it is modified as mentioned and
  21. Okay so I get everything in there, the BHO is in, the pins are in, and I go to install the safety lever. Well, the safety lever won't freaken go back in because the BHO is in the way!! I try and try but can't get it done. So I decide I'll take it all apart and try it with the safety in FIRST. Well, that isn't so bad, I get it all together but then I'm unable to loosen the safety so I can install the retainer plate. On the S12 is using a retainer plate impossible? or do you have to modify the BHO with a dremel? I'm very irritated. I started the conversion at 9:00 am, and was pr
  22. Over the past several months I've seen some great how-to videos posted. I can't find them now. Why aren't they stickied somewhere? anyway, I now have all the parts, and the next few days to accomplish the conversion. I'd like to watch a good video again to remember how to do it... got a link anyone?
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