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    how good can an AK trigger get?

    Little Cross posting but here is a picture of our SRT trigger in Chilles gun http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/85866-name-of-pictured-part/?hl=tac47&do=findComment&comment=869381
  2. clifton

    Is this really a Tromix built gun?

    looks Legit to me, I have seen his work many times. It looks like Tonys, His early stuff was not engraved.
  3. clifton

    Calling all saiga 12 master conclusion

    I shot er first.... I am glad you like it. Thank you for your patience, its sad what some people sell people. Good Looking SBS Now.
  4. Well here we are a Vepr 12 that takes Saiga 12 Mags.. Pardon the mess in the background. Its inventory day.
  5. clifton

    The Dark Night

    The Dark Night By Tac 47 Enjoy.
  6. clifton

    The Dark Night

    Fatty, You know where to find me. Hows your Shot Gun.
  7. clifton

    Looking for a Saiga 12 gunsmith in Indiana

    Send er over to Texas Get a Real Conversion. If your looking for what you can do at home, you can do it your self. If you are looking for alot more then Send it to Tac 47 Industries
  8. clifton

    The Dark Night

    Which ones do you want to see.
  9. Very Low hanging, ATF action to stop importation. No 2A involved.
  10. clifton

    tac47 discount code

    Just put in the comments your forum user name and you will receive 5 percent off. were working on a code.
  11. clifton

    ANYTHING S12 related at SHOT?

    notta lotta.. sept sum Saiga People.. Betting Big on Roulette .. Max.
  12. It was turd on turd. Have a buddy who was there.
  13. Greg, I would really like to know who that was. 1st Driving that far just to come to the shop, is an automatic golden ticket and the fact your a good customers of ours. I wish you had talked with me, or let management know. I would love to provide training to who you talked with. I do apologies for your wasted trip. PM me If you can, what you were having done, and what did he look like. Thanks
  14. We received our Last week, and will be shipping mags to Preorder 1 Orders that qualified for the free shipping and mag.
  15. We are finishing qpq on the autoplugs. Every one is waiting, and every one will receive what they ordered. It Has not been business as usual. We will be caught up soon from all shipping delays. Orders placed on the new sight www.tac47.com will be shipped with in 8 business hours of your order. We expect our new internet department to be fully staffed and functional by mid Jan. I have hired people to just answer emails and ship product. Thank you all for your patience and support
  16. PS the Plug is already QPQ NITRIDED and it looks like you nitrided the Spring. I hope it was a low temp process, or it could have damaged your springs characteristics. I have Nitrided a Saiga before it did not work out to well for me. The mild steel or pot metal turned too brittle and would break.. dust cover bit the dust lol. Good Luck on your build.
  17. Pay it forward is on its way. Tracking: 9405511201080026219961
  18. Chilli, I slipped my mind on mailing out the stuff for pay it forward today, but tomorrow i will jet it out to you with some extras. Thanks again.
  19. Complete Bull Shit... Liberal propaganda
  20. Chili, Your very welcome. I hope you enjoy it. Your Charging handle is a turned down Saiga barrel cut off. it looks very neat make me want another one i kinda got attached to it while building it... Cliff
  21. I will rummage tomorrow to get your Goodies for this Pay it forward, might even through a couple of things in the mix.
  22. Winners OK, Happy Fourth Boys, if you haven't been able to afford it now its time for you. Its a completely free conversion, Or Redo your Home or Botched Conversion. The conversion includes. Receiver being machined at proper degree of angle and back plate Professionally Tig welded, smoothed and blended, you will not be able to see where the receiver ends and the plate begins. TAC Modified G2 FCG machined, and custom fit and polished all contact surfaces for a crisp smooth pull. install trigger guard. Function service and gas service, Gas block aligned as required. “TACTRITION SERVICE”. Machine your Bolt and Carrier Holes TIG welded and blended. “ You will never know they were there” Sandblasted with aluminum oxide . Professionally Parkerized and Teflon Coated Customer Needs to purchase or provide Saiga 12. We will provide all parts needed, at an extreme discount. All you have to enter is to Post I want a Free Conversion, or im in ect, in this thread, and What your doing for the Fourth of July. Contest will last aprox 48 hours you have today and tomorrow, at 12:01 AM on the morning of the 6th if there has been no posting more than 8 hours it will end, but if there is a post within 8 Hours contest will reset ending every time the last post is refreshed for another 8 Hours, to be fair and give everyone a chance. Contest will end on the 6th or 8 Hours after the last post which ever one is later. A video drawing will be posted following to show the winner, you must claim your conversion with in 48 Hours or the drawing will be held again. Thanks again for this Forum and all you guys do to help this Community. Happy Fourth of July. I am Proud to be an American. PS: there will probably be some free parts given away as well. Just post and you will find out. Give your Buddy's a Chance and Share it on Facebook.
  23. some city/states have a pre check or some application to own a firearm, not just the firearm its self but a background check for a firearm voucher.. just the little i know