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  1. No it won't fall apart. Take a small screwdriver and gently pop-off each fastener and the cover will come off, that's all. Further disassembly can be accomplished from there.
  2. Working on it. The mag catch pins will be in next week also. Oh Greg, you're the man, I've been in need of a new pin, as mine has been worn on one side and tends to slide out after a while.
  3. I found a pouch that works great. Only problem is, I'm not sure if there are any available. It's a German flectar camo bag. Not sure was it was orignally used for but it's great for Saiga 12 mags. It has 3 inside pockets that will hold 4 stick mags, 8 rounders, if you lengthen the straps on the buckles for the lid (the lid also has velcro so you can get to your mags quicker if you want) you can get 10 rounders in. Anyway, 4 stick mags and a 20 round drum. I believe an MD 20 would fit fine, a little tighter than my Promag 20. Or, two 20 round drums fit well also. So if you see any G
  4. DO THE CONVERSION YOURSELF!! I did mine and I never did work like this on a firearm before. Like you, I was looking for one of the advertisers on this forum to do it for me. But thanks to the great people on this forum that kept telling me to do it myself and the help from the videos(watch them over and over,until you fully understand what to do)I finally decided to try it. Like you, I was nervous about hacking away metal on my gun that I just paid for. Just watch the vidoes alot, once you fully understand what must be done, then go slow and be patient. If you run into any problems the
  5. I will let everyone know as to how the Promag drums perform over time. Or at least how the two I have perform and hold up.
  6. I did'nt post on that other forum, but I will tell everyone here what my expirience is with drums. I had an MD 20, it worked great. I sold it and got most my money back(at the time they cost $225) Recently I bought 2 Promag 20's. One ran great out of the gate, the other however broke when I tried to load the fifth round into it. I called Promag and told them the problem, sent the drum back and had a new one within 7 days. Both Promag drums run like champion sprinters. I like the slightly smaller size of the Promag and the smoother edges. Only time will tell as to durability but rel
  7. Slings are the best, I guess some people (like me) just think they have to have everything just in case anything or everything happens.
  8. I have a voodoo scabbard, one of my Saiga's fit, but it's a little tight. The one with the HK sights will not fit, the one with the OEM sights will fit. If you have a quad rail, I don't think it will fit. But if you have a standard handquard or a aftermarket handguard that is slim it will most likely fit.
  9. They have a UPS account # that they'll give you if you ask for shipping. I'm glad Carlos has gotten stuff running smoothly. I'm sure he came into a shitstorm back during my fiasco with the sticks. Good job Bro! I about want to buy a 12 rounder with smoke cover to complement my MD-20s. They look SO much better to me compared to the first clear that ProMag released. Too bad we wouldn't have Carlos following us around with replacement drums with fresh springs in the field. Hopefully they'll get that issue addressed. Quality really does know NO compromise. ETA: Is the double post k
  10. Just wanted to tell my story about the Pro Mag 20rd drum. Bought 2 of them, one worked great from the get go. The second one however came all undone as I was loading in the fifth round. It sounded like the spring broke and unwound very quickly. I called Pro Mag the next day. The person I talked with said send it in with your contact info. I did so, it was delivered to them on June 23rd. On June 30th I recieved a brand new 20rd drum and it runs like a champ. I don't how Pro Mag has dealt with issues with others on this forum or elsewhere, but I was impressed with how they dealt with me
  11. The parts will be OK, but you will have a terrible trigger and the gun just was'nt made to be in the configuration it's in when imported to this country. Do the conversion, If I can do it anyone can. There's no comparison to the gun I have now after the conversion and the gun I had before the conversion.
  12. I have one, it's much better than the standard mag release as far as ease of operation.
  13. Smart move not to take it. Those who do take it will be very sorry they did. We will see what the near future holds as to conspiracy or not. More times than not our so called leaders have been invovled in conspiracy. Truth IS stranger than fiction.
  14. That's what happens when I use the tornado brush on my S 12. That tornado brush does one hell of a job huh.
  15. Very True!! I know I'm not going to take the vaccine because of the research I've done, how about you?
  16. Those of us who do research, understand what is really going on. Those who do not research, know not what they talk about
  17. The vaccine has squalene in it. google squalene and read what it is and does in the human body. Then realize that it is being injected into the body which is not the normal way that squalene is introduced into the body. Squalene in the vaccinations given to troops for desert storm is believed to be the culprit that caused gulf war syndrome. This is not to mention the mercury, aluminum and god knows what else (micro chip?) is in this vaccine.
  18. Amen to all that you said. Yes, for most survival scenarios a close knit group of carefully chosen people is best IMHO Do read "Patriots surviving the coming collapse" by James Rawles. And here's just one real possibility that will knock out power on whichever side of the planet is facing the sun at the time of it's arrival. A massive CME (coronal mass ejection) The sun has been acting very different the last few years. In 2003 a CME was so huge that it was off the measuring scale by 20 fold. Luckily for us it shot out from the sun on the side not facing the earth. On another subject. I
  19. bearhead, listen to gunnyr and definately do the proper conversion. The conversion and other work on your S 12 makes a huge difference, or so I've found. Do your homework on this site,watch the conversion video's and take your time. Yeah it takes time and work,but you'll have the shotgun you hoped for and then some.
  20. As I said in an earlier post on this thread, the Glock was ridiculed when it first came out and now it is accepted. So it will be with the S 12 only more so. I say people will soon be coming to the S 12 in droves. At that time I'm sure alot of these guys on Glocktalk that are saying the S 12 is a toy and junk will be saying "I knew this shotgun was best tactical shotty on the market from the get go."
  21. I am new to this too but may I suggest take it out and get some good ammo. Winchester comes in many forms...from the cheap stuff to the good stuff. Try some high brass, or high velocity shells. Read the box and get something over 1250 feet per second...or slugs and see how it ejects....the cheap stuff should cycle on 2 but the good stuff will cycle on 1. Gun may need some breaking in. Yes, to repeat, you should break the gun in with nothing but high brass on setting 1 to start. If you have FTE problems still (which you should'nt, but you never know) then go to setting 2. Run at least
  22. Hey, I called the guy and talked with him, told him I wanted 2. This was the same day he put up the ad. I never heard back from him, and did'nt get any. So who has the bad luck here? It's ok, eventually I'll get some.
  23. Do the conversion yourself!! It's such a pleasure to look at your own work when it's done. Anyone can do the conversion. I did it, and that fact alone speaks volumnes as to how easy it is. Just take your time and have the right tools and help (this site) for the job. Your problem is just what was pointed out to me by someone on this forum when I first got my shotty and wanted to convert. sopmod said you won't have to deal with someone hundreds or thousands of miles away. Get a refund and do it yourself!! I'm not trying to put gunsmith's down, sometimes they are very necessary. But for a
  24. mcredo let us know if you any have problems getting what you want. I just sold my MD20 a few days ago, sorry!
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