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  1. Well done sir! How much did you open the gas ports?
  2. Good God is that a beauty! Nice work! What kind of fireball you get out of that thing?
  3. Like the title says, I have 2 triangle stocks and 2 stormwerkz (currently back ordered) folding hinges for sale. These little babies are sweet for M92 or M85's or your Draco's! Are good for other rifles and pistols as well... One new in box, the other is mounted and never been fired or been outside for that matter. From the manufacturer they run $160 each plus shipping, I'll let them go for $150 shipped each! Sold in pairs.
  4. Sunnybeen did you send these out, or do them yourself?
  5. Looking forward to video of low brass.
  6. We all want to know how she ran?
  7. Title says it all, anyone looking for wood for their m77. I would be willing to trade or work something out. Yugo wood is from a brand new unmolested m85.
  8. Go slow and file down (check and re-check) the stock latch area, should be good to go.
  9. Wondering if anybody on had a TAT and die in 7.62x39 I could borrow or pay for a nominal fee to use? Trying to help a buddy get his front end done on the cheap. Thanks
  10. Because slugs usually run between 1400-1800 fps. They should definitely cycle. Sometimes just running a few mags of some heavy stuff i.e.slugs or buck shot will smooth/polish off the rough areas of the action.
  11. CNC Warrior is making these, AK-builder is selling them at a decent price.
  12. 1liter

    Conjoined twins?

    Thanks for the threads.
  13. How did the Ruskies conjoin magazines for the 10 rounders? Have a few 5rds I'ld like to play with..
  14. Most have used Dinzags cutting tools to turn the barrel to fit the 74 FSB.
  15. Hello from Southern Commiesota! Welcome aboard... Our state is safe for now, other than maybe some more in depth background checks. P.S. I hope you and yours, have contacted your State Reps. and told them how to vote. They work for us, at least thats how it's suppose to work...
  16. The drums definitely look cool, but really don't have a practical application (unless you own a bump fire stock or select-fire rifle) for the average plinker. They are heavy and cumbersome. On the flip side I have a Romanian 75 rnd drum and it's fun to dump every now and again, but it's expensive (especially these days)! The load from the back style is the way to go if you choose to pursue getting one. I would load up on 30rnd mags if you can find them or afford them and wait for the prices to come around on the drums.
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