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  1. Then Brian Williams was very lucky indeed. Brian Williams is lucky in his alternative reality....... Anything you can get in the engine will take it out, sling shot anyone?
  2. Your not doing it right, give the people the tools they need
  3. 1.51 here this morning, gonna suck when the Saudis gone on EBT cards........
  4. I dare you to buy something not made in a foreign country, getting harder and harder to buy an all US made product. So if I buy a Duluth trading t-shirt does that make me a Vietcong lover?
  5. Obummer just needs more people on a free ride, 10K more dem votes right?
  6. Any commander should error on the side of caution and stay better than 20 miles off the coast. Berry will not send help
  7. Damn and I was just about to purchase a 19. I like the option of the 33 rounders. The wife has a 19 and really likes it, mags work with her sub2K as well 33 and 50 drum She also has a LCP, which is her ccw. Hate the trigger pull
  8. Be ready Had this happened between 1980 to 1988, the world would have just said "Damn!"
  9. The global police that everybody shits on needs to go. For you NSA dickheads reading this thread, that means the UN, pathetic I feel the need to explain that.......
  10. Mods please move if this upsetting. Rant/On Just caught the unicef commercial, it said all Americans care about the suffering in Africa. Bullfrickingdonkeyballs! I don't care about any other country except this one. We have so much to repair after seven years of destruction, plus pre-dickhead aggressions to our freedoms. I cannot help that you live in a place with no food and continue to bring children into this world with no shot at survival. We have kids who don't get to eat right, infrastructure falling apart and we use food to make fricking gas. We don't excel at educa
  11. Yuck man Bowie had way better taste then Lennon the second time around.....
  12. The BLM has been out of control for quite awhile now. Old article http://lasvegassun.com/news/2015/jul/09/fed-agency-wants-52000-rounds-ammo-hoover-dam-prom/ The sheriffs accounts need to be investigated
  13. No the edit button disappears after a certain amount of time. If you really want it gone, PM a mod
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