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  1. IT DOES'NT MATTER!!! (sorry for yelling). If they are out of one I'll use the other.
  2. Get the C-More.... CDNN has them for $149.00 (You may need the weaver/pit. adaptor depending on your mounting preferrence. You can usually find a used one for less than $30.00). You can get the batteries(1/3 N) on E-Bay for $1.39 ea. Very reliable. Own 6 of them on various weapons. Soon, I'll be putting one on the Saiga 12 (want a low mount wever/pit. set-up. The Tasco brand will last quite a while, but eventually they crap out.
  3. Don't be worried about the "red" locktite....or blue ...or green... Simply "flashing" the end with a butane torch and then breaking the Locktite bond will take care of ALL removal problems. Use leather, lead sheet or whatever so you don't MAR whatever your removing.... Old USPSA shooter, done this many times.
  4. Here is a "genaric" fix... Home Depot etc., Harbor Fright?.... carpenters nail pouch. I picked 1 up w/belt for $9. Use as is (plenty deep) or add a strip of wood/metal down the center for a divider if you wish? Even if you decide on some thing else?, you still have some tool storage for those honey do projects
  5. Well, I'm 65 + and I have never could see WHY this "bvamp" person feels he has to use the foul computer language on his posts????. At the very least he shows himself as immature? So what does he gain? I'm not IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Shannon has done more for this forum/site than ANY of "bvamps" (check it out). He must be a Democrat?? He has "soiled" himself again. MikeNM
  6. mikeNM

    Trigger Guard

    For a couple of $$$ you can go to Home Depot/Lowes and buy a strip of 1/2" aluminum and make 5 to 10 trigger guards for about $5. Add a dash of barbie q paint and your home free!!! (don't ask how I know this)
  7. AHH.! Is that distant "drums"I hear???? I have dealt with Shannon. He has helped many on this site. So, "bvamp" when is the whole mess going to spill out???? Sad day!! mikeNM
  8. If, you can't find "beeswax" for coolant..... pick up a toilet wax ring.... guess what they used to be made from..... (beeswax) you win!!!! and you will have LOT'S left over.
  9. mikeNM

    Barrel Porting

    I've done it.The cost of the tool is less than $10. A means to hold the barrel is helpful. Can sussessfully be done if your handy? Do a search in the forum. mikeNM
  10. mikeNM


    Looking for the above parts in good/new condition. Thanks, Mike
  11. mikeNM

    Illegal saigas

    Now, just some clearification? So, If you bought a ak receiver marked "pistol" are you saying that since the Saiga was never offered as a pistol, your saying you couldn't build a AOW Saiga??? I'm confused as there are a number of AR15 "pistols" being sold as well as Ak "pistols" that use the receiver marked "pistol"..... maybe Tony will jump in???. I'm familiar with NFA stuff. So, clear the air??? Looks like Beer slurppy is on the know? mike NM
  12. mikeNM

    SBS $5 or $200?

    And another THING!.... Not everyone has someone who will sign the "cleo" part??? You may want/need to set up a corporation to get a transfer if the LOCALS arn't friendly....(Corporations don't need the "cleo" signature/signoff). (ask someone who had to wait 14 months for the sign-off) and already had NFA stuff. Do it !!!, nothing to fear if you are clean.
  13. USPSA, since the Saiga has to go in the "OPEN" class ....... I've done the following: several "red dots" mounted, probably will use the "C-More" as I have them on the open pistols I shoot. I left the barrel at 22 "s but did extensive porting to the barrel. drilled gas ports to .093, AR style adjustible stock, polished the "Tapco" trigger group, under cut the bolt, polished the feed prongs, notched the selector lever. The only thing I've been waiting for are the 10 round mags, I'm now living in Arizona and just went to AGP Turbos/ARMS yesterday to pick up my mags but no one was there, so I guess I'll wait for the "Brown truck". I've also got the 20 guage set-up(no porting), this could be the "sleeper" for USPSA??, but I've only modified/made one "Frankinstein" mag for it. Got the 7.62 x 39 gun done BUT doubt it can keep up with the AR's on the long shots? (for 3 gun).
  14. Like I said.... 10/12 years .... I'll take preorders. I now have 2 VERY large BOXES of unobtainium, so I'm making more progress than ANYONE!! HI, Shannon, This Mike G (Sent you Colt springs) from NM, now in AZ. (I could drive to AGP,in Tempe, AZ. but... what's the use????
  15. Well, finally a good use for TAX dollars. Hope they by a box full of them!!!
  16. SAY... I've got some PLASTIC NOT METAL.???. "RUGER" 10/22 mags?? and JUST bought a LARGE bag of "UNOBTAINUM". I think I can use my plastic magnet & the "UNOBTAINUM" TO construct a TOP feeding 10 round magazine from these "Ruger" magazines for the S-12?? THAT way, EVERYTHING would be hard too see and difficult too shoot !!! I feel that $97.50 would be a FAIR price for my mags but would gaddly take more. I firmly believe I could have these ready for shipping in 10 to 12 years and would take pre-orders.
  17. BE CAREFUL!!!! I don't know ALL the legalitys, but this is a PRETTY TIGHT DANCE!!!. I have 2 legal tax stamp suppressed .22's..... AND LIVE IN A STATE where possision is O.K. YOU CAN'T EVEN HAVE ANY SPARE PARTS (baffles, spacers etc.). DON"T think our frends in the BATF would just say "OH, that's O.K. cause you didn't know the rules". Suppressors arn't that expensive, buy a built one. .I know we are a curious bunch, BUT we must all so be causious.... I think suppressors "SCARE" BIG BROTHER?? Reference the "1910 Maxum",(probably the wrong spelling) they haven't changed that much. I was able to watch mine being built---nothing "SECRET". You will always get the "sonic crack" if the velocity exceeds the speed of sound. A HA, HA,... ever see the bad guy screwing a suppressor onto a revolver??? This WON'T work!!!!
  18. Yes, it works fine.... if you have any problems,it's something else... one in the tube=7.
  19. Well, never to be one NOT t too try something new....Just bought 3 new 5 rounders from the UTAH guys... good sevice, fair price. Sooo.. I decided to "wack" one too 6 rounds... Your going to need to cut both pieces... the follower and the guide plate (top & bottom,about 1/4 "). I didn't get anywhere until I noticed that it's best to follow the "factory" contours..... that is, keep a "V" notch in the bottom of the follower, so that the bottom guide-plate can sit/fit into the top follower, other wise you are cutting off more than you need. mikeNM P.S. one day we will have ????? 10 ROUND MAGS???????
  20. I was going to buy that tool.... too much money!!, for so little use... BUT there is HOPE, I did my own. Port your Saiga barrel for about $15.00 sound o.k.??? A drill press with a vise is very helpful, but not neccessary. Required materials, small hammer, sharp center punch, #3 lathe centering tool, 1/2 inch wide piece of aluminum angle stock about 12 inchs long, new 1/16 (or so) inch drill bit (the 135 degree ones self center, which is nice). Wtih no mag in the gun, set gun on flat suface AT THE MAG WELL with the stock hanging off table. Put angle on left side where you want the holes, scribe TOP/center of gun. Put angle on RIGHT side and scribe another line. Your true center is in the middle. Turn angle stock UPto the Centerline , scribe lines on left and right of CENTER line, these are your other "ports". Lay out ports where you want them. Center punch ports. Stagger them as you wish. Put gun in vise,locate holes and just start them w/1/16 inch bit.(After you are happy? with their location, drill them on thru. I left plenty of punched marks in caseIwanted more holes later(wouldn't need to lay-out again),and I put more on the right side vrs the left side. w/ more holes on top than the side. I'm still at 23 holes, BUT can easily add more. Next put gun in vise and take # center finder and drill and champher your holes with it. Keep in mind .... if you are going to add a Poly-choke, start back 3 or 4 inchs w/the FURTHEST from the front hole. If you want to keep your barrel at 19 inchs?
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