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  1. I have one of those factory ambi competition mag releases that I'm not going to use. Downside is I cut a few rings off the end of the spring to try to lighten it up. I'll include the release and the spring just not the mounting pin if someone wants to trade for their standard long straight vepr release.
  2. The extended mag releases come with a small pin to hold the pieces in alignment during the installation. Installing that sucker on an Izzy magwell conversion is by far the hardest job on a S12!But the magwell pin is very long, nearly triple the length, and passes through tensioned magwell plastic on both sides. That sucker isn't going anywhere.
  3. There is a lot of missing info. First, is this S12 without modification? If not, what mods have you performed? Details, details. Just going by what you wrote though, It sounds like the bolt face is not engaging the rear of the shell and the bolt carrier not being able to go to full lock - which prevents a full strike by the hammer on the firing pin. Since this is the first round in the magazine, if the weapon is relatively new, this problem that only you and not your friend are having is likely due to excessive drag from parts moving over shell #2 in the magazine as well as the rails. The b
  4. Boom boom, baby! Ace stock, internal stock adapter, Krebs fcg, Romanian trigger guard (riveted) and CSS trigger conversion, Izzy magwell, ultimate rail, bolt and carrier polished on contact points, CAA grip, reduced power hammer spring, CSS puck, auto plug and md arms plug, Izzy forearm, YHM rail extender 6", Aimpoint H1, ak builder choke adapter, comp-n-choke full, extended mag release, shorter one has a functional lrbho (it's a unicorn).
  5. I have one on my 19" 3 port opened to 3/32". Works perfectly. Used a little locktite to keep the set screw from backing out. Like others, wish I had opened up a fourth port while I had it apart! I just ordered a second for my other S12 from the forum site.
  6. Somebody make me an adapter for a 2 round akdal mag to mate a surefire mag to its base!
  7. I run an autoplug in my 3gun saiga and I have a first run mdarms plug in my second. I like the auto plug, but your s12 needs to function already with low brass if your going to be running the cheap stuff. I do have to loctite the adjustment as it backs out about an 1/8 of a turn after a range session. Of course, that's not the only upgrade I'm running. The CSS puck has to be custom ground for length as the autoplug occupies more of the gas chamber resulting in the carrier being pushed back about 1/8" from complete closure.
  8. I bought one. You can have mine for $65
  9. What grips are those? Correction, found 'em. What magazine foot plate are you using?
  10. docwade

    CZ 52 001

    Where did you get those grips, and what floor plate did you use? Is there a link to your build?
  11. The auto plug should prevent over gassing as well. Took my conversion out. 1.5 turns with the auto plug with a three hole gun with two ports at .09 and one at .109. Runs pretty good on the federal bulk pack.
  12. I just pulled my gas block this morning since I was having FTE's on the federal 3 dram 7.5. I have a three hole gun and bored them out as detailed in the threads. I have one of those auto plugs on the shelf, so I went ahead and oversized the mddle hole. I'm on the way to the range in a few. I'll let you guys know how it pans out.
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