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    Making your own shot?

    Fabric softener is the stuff to use. Sorting is not something I worry to much about as the .020 drippers makes the shot I need for what I do. I have been working on a snake load for 44mag and 45 Colt. Green dot powder, 3 cards cut from thin material, old ammo boxes work well, one over card and crimp the shell. I have dispatched 3 opossum around my chickens.The shot I make allows me to get 100 grans of shot in a 44 mag case and a small bit more in a 45 Colt. I did load up some in a 12 ga SxS muzzle loader, pattern was good at 30 yards. Any ways it is more of getting something made that I do not have to buy in the future.
  3. Been working on this for a few weeks, more of to see if I can than a need. Picked up the pan and drippers from ebay, drippers are .020 size. Youtube shows lors of gas powered units, mine is electric for indoor use. I do have to use a torch to get it dripping and keep it going as the drippers cool a bit and stop. COWW in the lead I use, made 5 lbs in about 30 mins. Coolant is cheap wally world fabric softener. The first try using water made "swan" shot, second try with 50/50 antifreeze same swan shot, the fabric softener did the trick, shot size is 7 to 9 with a few 11.
  4. RED333

    Making your own shot?

    O yes, it is under a powdered vent.
  5. Well 28 years and still going strong here, would not change a thing. Now it has not been all good, ya got to take some fussing sometimes, mine would chew on me for things she would dream about me doing wrong.
  6. Chicken livers, panty hoses and fish hooks. I have done this, had to explane.
  7. RED333

    I've a Flat/Butt

    Nope, for after ya eat all is good. Chile you make some good looking food, makes me want ta eat.
  8. He looks like one as well, my first impression.
  9. RED333

    The Deplorables!

    Shirts can in 4 days ago, daughter left them in her car. These look great, cant wait to wear them in public.
  10. I never see the sign in the door at all. Just wait till they are called "American muslim".
  11. RED333

    The Deplorables!

    Got me 3 of them green ones, thanks much!!!
  12. Flyover is one thing, stopping or going back and forth is a whole new game. Yea air space is still a gray area, minimum aircraft alt is 500 ft., to me that means below 500 ft is mine till the courts say different.
  13. Lets keep this going, I have some 25ACP primed brass, 100 pieces.
  14. RED333

    Going to drink the Saiga restoration Kool Aid AGAIN!

    Looks good, got to love that "Commieforina anti pistola grip".
  15. close. it's a '79 R80 with some custom frame work to lower the seat for my 27" inseam here's a better look at it. BMW bike is a Moto Guzzi with saggy tits.
  16. Go big or go home!
  17. I have a FNAR, came with a nice scope, 10 magazines, 500 rounds of 7.62, got it all for 1800. Yea a bit pricy, but I wanted it, BAD. Now a Barrett 82A1 with the scope, when I get the money I WILL HAVE IT! https://www.classicfirearms.com/barrett-50cal-w29flutedbbl-semi-auto
  18. RED333

    SGM Tactical Muzzle Break Saiga .308

    Mine is threaded, I cut the clamp off(clamp used to hold the brake in correct clocking location). When I threaded my barrel I clocked it for correct position.
  19. RED333

    SGM Tactical Muzzle Break Saiga .308

    I use a Big Chubby(get yalls minds out of the gutter ) http://www.ratworxusa.com/cw-bcb-b5824 It works well, but, at the range the people next to it going off is a sight, lots of noise and "feel" of the round.
  20. You out kicked your coverage by a LOT. Congrats on 19, we are working on 25.