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  1. The best ones as in function I've seen were from Definitive Arms when they were producing them they operated out of Tampa/St. Pete, FL. Now they operate in conjunction with Copper Custom in Indiana, think Tim of the Military Arms Channel. I sent them an email asking if they were going to go back to manufacturing them I yet to receive a response, maybe if you call up the shop and inquire? Stan
  2. IF he did authorize that EO the White House isn't owning up to it yet, the last one on the WH website was published 7/1/13 Executive Order -- Combating Wildlife TraffickingI know it said on the website he authorized it on 7/6/13 surely someone at least over on Fox News would have seen this by now, that was a week ago.
  3. There is one brand of ear plug manufacturer that does make a small size ear plug. Howard Leight "Max Light" ear plugs are made in a small size, remember even small size is based on adult sized ear. It's not unheard of to use both (ear plugs and ear muffs) if a child is especially sensitive to noise. I applaud you for being proactive in going to the extra effort to preserve your child hearing. If you go to their website they probably have a request form for a free sample of their product or contact a local supplier of safety supplies in your area that carries Howard Leight products ear plugs a
  4. You'll find that the screw threads have been staked, center punched to kill the threads instead of Loctite like we would use, it can be difficult to remove. If you have someone who can hold it for you or have a gun vise you can do something similar as I did. I used a very large square shaft screw driver that I was able to use a crescent wrench on for extra leverage to remove it. It is a standard AK screw. Good luck!
  5. Here in Florida the FDLE has a web page where you can put the serial number of a gun in, to check and see if it stolen. http://pas.fdle.state.fl.us/pas/item/displayGunSearch.a
  6. Today is the final day for the legislature to meet, the bill looks like it's still stuck in committee without any action it at all. It can't be brought up until the next regular session which will be next year. If a special session of the legislature is convened it has to be called back by the governor. So apparently this is mute for today but I'm sure Joyner, Dem. from Tampa will reintroduce it again and again..........
  7. They have already acquired property in Osecola County , FL near Kissimmee hopefully they move there.
  8. That's a DIY, CSS has a kinds of videos on FCG replacement for a Saiga 12, it's just as simple. It will take you with the modification to the safety about 30 minutes tops. In fact you don't need to worry about the LRBHO spring in the Vepr it doesn't pop off like the Saiga 12.
  9. Is it a stock trigger? if so, a simple fix without sending the gun back to Wolf might be installation of a Tromix FCG from CSS. The only hangup using the Tromix is occasionally the safety contacts the disconnector when changing between the safe and fire position. A little bit of filing to the safety will eliminate that issue.
  10. Dad, Looks good. I did the same basic conversion to make it 922r compliant even though I haven't seen anything specifically mentioned about it other than wanting to use larger capacity mags. I added two more parts a CSS gas puck and a Hogue pistol grip that I had from a previous conversion I didn't use. You may want to look inside and insure your safety is not coming in contact with the disconnector when you move it back and forth. I had to file the safety ever so slightly to get clearance, I didn't notice it at first until Pauly made mention about it in an earlier thread. I'm glad your M4 sty
  11. Take a look at Bonesteel Arms and see if Chris has a version you like.
  12. As far as I've been led to believe it's to push out the axis pins. That's what I used it for when I switched out the FCG.
  13. Yes, according to the front page of their website it was Aaron Hunt
  14. iron808

    DPH vs ACE stocks

    I emailed Chris at Bonesteel Arms last week stated he will have that RH folder available in a left hand version in a couple of weeks for the Vepr12.
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