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  1. Saiga rifles are like Russian women, you can't tell,if you got a nice girl who'll take care of you and have borscht and vodka waiting for you when you get home or a crazy psycho who will break your heart, just by looking at her. Saiga rifles are like Russian women, you can't tell,if you got a nice girl who'll take care of you and have borscht and vodka waiting for you when you get home or a crazy psycho who will break your heart, just by looking at her.
  2. Went shooting this weekend with my 21.5" .308. Not to sound like a wimp or anything, but every time I pull the trigger on that thing, it's like a punch in the mouth. I need to do something about that recoil. It's weird but I think my Rem 700 7lb 308s recoil is tamer than my 10lb 308 Saiga. It's still fun to shoot, but getting a brake on it has moved up on my priority list.
  3. I could have sworn I'd uploaded a picture of my .308 before. Anyway, here it is.
  4. This is an old thread, but my .308 Saiga had the exact same problem. I also have a TWS dust cover and a 22" barrel. I found the solution, and it's simple and cheap. On the recoil spring guide rod/cam lock on the original saiga, you'll notice a little aluminum buffer dangling off the bottom. That is there to stop over stroking of the bolt carrier. When you switched to the TWS dogleg, it came with a new guide rod/cam lock without the little buffer. This allows the bolt carrier to fly back and slam into the cam lock at the rear of the receiver, but it's even easier to do when charging the rifle b
  5. Finally got my scope stabilized on my Saiga .308. After running a couple boxes through it, Im happily surprised by the accuracy. My first group was right at 1MOA. After that most groups were close but would usually have a flyer pushing it to 1.5 to 2. I was just over at thehighroad.org reading a thread by a guy deciding between an M1A and a Saiga .308. One guy said he gets 3-4" groups out of his M1A. I think my Saiga .308 would probably shoot sub 4" groups with a baloney sandwich stuffed inside the receiver.
  6. I've got a Nikon P308 in mine. Picked it up for $200 on sale at Cabelas. It's a good, clear scope. The bdc is a little funky though. You have to use an app online to get your distances right.
  7. Uh oh. This looks just easy enough that I'm thinking of doing it. I've threaded barrels before, both on an x39, and a .223. But the .308 I have is a 308-1. On the front of the barrel, and the FSB is a sharp taper. Has anyone threaded a .308 with a tapered muzzle? Or do I have to have it cut and re-crowned to be able to thread it?
  8. I totally get the serious hindrance to an idea like this. It just sucks that Saiga enthusiasts are such a rare breed. 90% of people are AR sheep, while 9 out of the remaining 10 are AK purists who view Saigas as an illegitimate bastard child. That leaves a few thousand people sprinkled across the US. It's a bummer because it'd be fun to have a few beers and tinker on some projects with these guys.
  9. I've run into this quandary a bunch of times lately. I go buy a few tools to do a job, and I use them once. Like ever. Now, here I am again. I want to cut my .308 Saiga barrel down from 22" to 20", reface it, put an 11 degree crown on it, then thread it in 5/8x24. I'm still on the fence about moving the FSB back and repining it. I'll likely never use the iron sights, so why bother. But I'm going to end up dropping like $250 on it, then using it once. After that, it'll sit in my roll away collecting dust. I wish this site had some sort of tool exchange where we could borrow each oth
  10. I bought a sweet multical cleaning kit that breaks down to a little bigger than a can of chew. I also bought a bigger gun safe with more tactical slots. I bought my kid a Nikon p223 scope for his AR, and I bought a sweet Sigtac 4x for my Saiga .223. If you are looking for a good medium range optic for a .223, give the Sigtac a look. I've been very impressed by this scope. Its crisp, has multicolored reticle, or black when power's off. Its solid and cool looking too. Plus it was only $150.
  11. Just curious if anyone knows whether you have to use a bullet guide with the Canis removable one or the permanent conversion?
  12. Thanks. I actually did that, back when I got on the waiting list. But I was a younger man back then, full of piss and vinegar. Things are different now. I'm months older and weaker.
  13. Wow! I thought we were a rare breed. I had no idea there were so many Saiga owners in the NW. I'm in Silverdale, WA. Just curious, how many Saiga/VEPR .223 owners around these parts?
  14. Barack Obama claims to love America But you cannot love that which you seek to fundamentally change.
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