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  1. WTF!?! The most commonly changed personalized component on a tactical weapon is the grip and they try to make it impossible to remove it by staking the nut!?! мать ублюдок (keeping it clean in English but you can translate it on google translate...) Finally got it off and installed my Kellan grip with wireless tactical light installed in the Mako Fab 2 bipod foregrip with integrated light holder. That combined with the Chaos Quad Rail, Porkypine and Warthog makes for a menacing looking EBW.
  2. Heads up... they're only $1,399.00 and still in stock today
  3. Hey Tactical_T you're right about the sticks vs drum. They're easier to load, less bulky and easier to carry in your case... That said, like everything in life... those things that are hard to get or seem impossible are the things we try even harder to get our hands on! Actually, It's not about the function or anything along those lines, they just look cool and it would be fun to have along side my Auto Ordnance Thompson Tommy .45 It's kind of the same with the VEPR... totally unnecessary but it's cool and I wanted to add it to the collection but the fact is that it does shoot well!
  4. I purchased my 1st CA Compliant VEPR 12 from Mississippi Auto Arms. I'm hopeful that someone will make a 10 round drum for us out here in the USSRC (United States Socialist Republic of CA)! The best thing they could do is design a 20 with a limiter of some sort so they'd have a universal product and broader market.
  5. I got their email notification at 7:30am (pacific) on Saturday the 9th and immediately clicked on their link to make my purchase. At first I put down (4) and it denied the input. They had a limit of (2) per order so I placed (2) separate orders for a total of (4). Sucked having to pay double on shipping but it's so hard to get anything 10 or under in Cali that I just bit the bullet. Also purchased (2) ProMag 10 rounders # SAI02 elsewhere, so now I have to lookup the link on the mod process for them. Did anyone ever figure out how to mod them to make the LRBHO work?
  6. Guys, I received a reply from PapaZorro and evidently the word Molot translates to "Big Hammer" He also sent me a couple of links relative to their corporate logo including their ISPC Team Logo. Here are som possible mods to create a U.S. Team logo 1. Use the ISPC logo as a starting place 2. Replace the plain font Molot and use the Molot Logo script 3. Eliminate the word OPEN completely 4. Replace the year 2010 with VEPR 12? What do you think? It's simple and could easily be done on a T Shirt and would keep us aligned with our friends across the pond that created this great r
  7. Hey Mullet Man, That Bear is cool but I think it's a Russian Hockey Team's logo... check it out: http://hc-molot.ru/ I found a couple of pics that had reference to Molot that I'm running by PapaZorro to see what he can tell me about them. It seems that there are a couple of references to their logo that include both the Star and the Hammer and Sickle. One of them is some sort of medal or pin of some sort that has a Rifle and a Sword crossed behind the Star with the Hammer and Sickle inside. If there's interest in this type of approach I'll try to do something when I get some time.
  8. Quick Question: If you're using only 5 round factory magazines does the "U.S. Parts" rule still apply? The reason I'm asking is that I'm in a state with a 10 round max capacity magazine law and so far I haven't even been able to purchase an 8 or 10 round magazine. Thanks
  9. Presto Z, Perfect response to joetira's post and great job on the video. My experience has been the same regardless of brand or type of loads... PURE JOY! I wasn't very selective on ammo choice as I have a Wally World within walking distance and I used to purchase my ammo there, before the proverbial "Shit hit the fan!" The only thing that I found to cause a jamb of any type was having the optics mounted too far forward as shown here about 15:50 into this high quality "Review" video regarding the VEPR 12.
  10. Hey Guys, Not sure what's happening on this thread now... If anyone comes up with a quality logo design, posts the picture for review and the price is right on a decent quality shirt, I'm in for at least 2!
  11. Well, I finally got around to taking a picture after having taken her out to the range several times and putting a lot of rounds through her. Second one is at my FFL and available in 4 more days... I absolutely love the feel and accuracy of this rifle. With iron sights she's very accurate at 50 yards and I haven't tried farther yet. It was really fun reading everyone's informative posts on the board which allowed me to figure out what would work and what wouldn't relative to mods. I haven't ever really focused on the AK platform so this was a real learning experience. Thanks to Papa
  12. This thread has changed a little but originally the question was "Where can I get some Molot mags?" I just picked up a half dozen 5 rounders from Carolina Shooters Supply and they still showed additional in stock at the time.
  13. Jim, Thanks for providing clarity around your company's adapter. I installed it on one of my VEPR's and absolutely love it. It's low profile design allows the owner to pick virtually any stock out there without having to modify the rifle or the stock length. I have over 500 rounds through mine with no issues whatsoever and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get rid of that short laminated wood stock that comes on the rifle. In California we can't have a folding stock so I purchased (2) different ACE stocks. The first is an Ultralight model and the second is the Skeleton
  14. Man that is extremely well made! I was familiar with the bump fire stocks from Slide Fire but hadn't seen this one before. GREAT video clip! Like DresNightfire said, it would probably take some minor work but well worth it if you have it in your state!
  15. Thanks Rogers! I installed mine a couple of days ago and it worked flawlessly with my Mako Tactical Vertical Foregrip with Integrated Adjustable Bipod and 1" flashlight adapter - Gen 2 - T-PodG2FA Strong as heck and looks just like the Russian issue furniture less the side mounts.
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