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  1. I feed my Moss 590 a steady diet of Brenneke Slugs for $2/5rd
  2. Considering that the 44 Mag has the same base as the 45 Colt, which is generally interchangeable with 45 Colt, I was thinking perhaps a Saiga 410 could be converted to 44 Rem Mag. Perhaps with a double stack mag that could be hi-cap after the ban dies. Would a 44 mag barrel be thick enough for the pressure after being turned down for the 410 gas block? And would the bolt be strong enough to hold the 44 Rem Mag cartridge?
  3. So why is it different from the 7.62x39mm?
  4. Very curious. Can someone confirm this by experience?
  5. The Polish synthetics are a perfect match for the Saiga furniture, as well as my US compliance furniture.
  6. I think he meant to ask if the 308 can be converted to pistol grip the same way the 7.62x39 and 223 rifles can be, not whether the 308 can be converted into 7.62x39 or 223.
  7. Can't afford both at once, but I'm interested in a Saiga 223 and a Saiga 308. Want to do a p-grip conversion of each, so if you have US compliance parts and/or a foreign buttstock I'm interested. For competitive pricing, consider CDNN's prices. Shipping and transfer fee would likely be the same ($15+20) unless you're local to western PA. Edit: I have deals pending on both models. Hope to have good conversion stories this summer!
  8. Someone daring enough to mill away at the trunion. I have an idea for a more drastic conversion of FAL or M14 mags that allows them to still work in the original but you wouldn't guess at first. I'd have to get a Saiga 308 first though.
  9. I started thinking about this again... First, the 45-70 would require more work to the bolt, possibly expanding it larger than it should be. 444 Marlin on the other hand is close enough to 45 Colt, which is close enough to 410 that there are guns chambered for both interchangeably. Second, and more importantly, is the Saiga 410's bolt locking system (ie bolt and trunion) as strong as the 223 or 7.62x39mm models, even though the 410 pressures are far lower, or do they bank on that and make it not as strong? Consider: bolt force = pressure x rear inner area of cartridge. 7.62x39mm: base something like 0.445", inside perhaps 0.420", radius 0.210", area 0.1385in^2. With pressure of 45,000psi, Bolt force = 6235lb 223: base about 0.398", inside say 0.380" (thinner wall than 7.62x39mm), radius 0.190", area 0.1134in^2. With pressure of 55,000psi, Bolt force = 6238lb 410: inside base (same as bore) 0.410", radius 0.205", area 0.1320in^2. With pressure of 13,500 (for 3" shells), Bolt force = 1782lb 444 Marlin: inside base roughly same as 44 Rem Mag, so 0.430", radius 0.215", area = 0.1452in^2, with Pressure of 42,000psi, bolt force = 6099lb 45-70: inside base roughly 0.5" (case is tapered), radius 0.250", area = 0.1963in^2, pressure (factory loads) 28,000psi, Bolt force = 5498lb What this means is that IF the 410 bolt is as strong as the 7.62x39mm and 223 bolts, 444 Marlin is a go. If the bolt left enough space to expand to 45-70, it would be a go as well, though you'd need a new magazine. People may not even think of this round in connection with AKs, but 44 Rem Mag also works, having the same base and lower pressure than the 444 Marlin. But IF the 410 bolt is NOT as strong as the 7.62x39mm and 223 bolts, say if in order to accomodate the shotgun round they removed material that would be more than necessary, then it CANNOT be done. Those with 410 shotguns and standard caliber AKs, please tell us how they compare.
  10. How then do you account for it closing up on the slugs? I've had the same question about mine. So far I've only used shells, hoping to find an answer. All people say is "yes you can" or "no you can't" I would think it would be the same as any full choke 20ga shotgun.
  11. Does a standard US made AK FCG drop right in, or does it require modification or something else? Someone said somewhere that the Saiga 308 has something more, a sear, which requires an extra US part to be added. If this is so, what modifications to the FCG are necessary. Having converted a 7.62x39mm Saiga to P-grip, I dunno how a US made FCG can go in yet need another part. Main reason for conversion would be a better trigger and farther center of gravity rearwards.
  12. Top one is an extension of the factory mag, lower is a drum based on a factory mag.
  13. I can't tell so far whether the Saiga 308 is double or single stack. With the ban going away soon, I'm thinking about what it would take to make hi-caps or if they'd even be practical (hi cap single stacks would be cumbersome.) Also wondering if it would be more practical to adapt other mags or to extend Saiga 308 mags downward.
  14. With the history behind it, perhaps contact museums.
  15. It would be legal after the expiration of the AWB.
  16. The magazine looks like one for 7.62x39mm. The 308 is the same with that exception.
  17. How about fabricating a new mag well and using G3 mags? Anyone care to measure their 308 Saiga mag and send me the dimensions so I can compare to my G3 ones when I get home?
  18. Unless I'm drastically mistaken, the Saigas are AK-100 series, not AK-74.
  19. The third quarter is here and???
  20. I think such a caliber may exist elsewhere in the world.
  21. Did it, it worked. Just the one screw in the sling swivel. Thanks! Now to decide how to refinish it.
  22. BattleRifleG3

    Saiga 20

    Here's mine. I have the 22" version:
  23. Sadly, unless you are a law enforcement officer, you cannot presently legally install a pistol grip on a semi-automatic shotgun that already has a detachable magazine.
  24. Huh? What? Excuse me? Now there's a new category, of "borderline" assault weapons? Look, it's legal or it's not. Notice the FOUR LISTED FEATURES for a SEMI-AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN. You're allowed one. One of them is a detachable mag. There you go with the Saiga. Do you see flash hider? Do you see bayonet lug? NO! Those are listed features for SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLES with a DETACHABLE MAGAZINE. NOT ANY OTHER SINGLE FREAKING GUN.
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