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  1. Folks, Go buy a Silver cleaning cloth and cut patches to fit your cleaning jag. That Lead will come out in a few pulls of the cleaning rod.
  2. Here is one that's very popular--------> http://www.sniperhandle.com/
  3. To each his own. 37mm Bird-Bangers are quite the scariest thing one can fire to use to get attention of any 2 or 4 legged critter.
  4. Mine ran like a Mercedes right out of the box. Even low powered stuff. Tearing a gun apart before EVER shooting it is like buying a TV then tearing it down then whining that it has 1/4 Watt resistors instead of 1/2 Watt resistors. Many times manufacturers make changes to improve a product without telling you. I see it all the time. I'd at least have shot it first.
  5. You TORE the gun apart before firing it? You DO know you porked your warranty, killed any baseline information and......well, most folks wouldn't have done that. I mean, WTF?
  6. Dinzag Arms can rent you a die and a thread alignment tool.
  7. Etek

    Magazine Storage

    One fellow drilled a hole through the magazine and inserted a pin with a pull ring. Load mag, push down top round and insert pin.
  8. It could be worse...like Maryland! Sales Tax on purchase (Even Internet) is 6%. Add $65.00-$75,00 transfer fee plus State Police fee. When Saigas were cheap mine cost over $600.00. A $629.00 AR-15 clone cost me over $800.00 after all the BS. And the FFL siezes any mag over 20 rounds. So you get a single shot AK after all that crap.
  9. Certainly Yugo Brass cased ammo is plenty good...and inexpensive for any 7.62 X 39 sighting in or any other shooting.
  10. It's almost certainly Lead or other fouling. Get a Silver cleaning cloth and scrub it.
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