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  1. There are about 100,000 police officers in the State of Texas. How many have you read about, experienced, or otherwise that made headlines for being an idiot. It is an extremely small percentage, and yes, it is the exception not the rule. If you do not agree with that, fine, but telling me to go fuck myself because I am stating an opinion that also happens to be a statistical fact is uncalled for. Semper229 I do apologize to you. I did not mean this as a personal attack on you, but I do see how it is perceived that way. The statement ""Untill you clean your own shithouse...fuck you" was mean
  2. Long live Johnny Cash. Vintage/ outlaw country music is all I've ever listened to. Never had a rock-n-roll phase. I recently discovered an awesome website called tunein.com that has damn near every music and talkshow station in the nation. I just stumbled across a station that plays everything Johnny Cash only!
  3. Congradulations! I was wondering if they send out a large box of a lifetime supply of hats, bags, and bumperstickers with the life membership. I figure an 18 year old getting that membership who lives to be 90 years old would get 72 hats/ range bags and bumperstickers if he just renewed a yearly membership.
  4. I have this t-shirt, and it pretty much says it all. It never ceases to amaze me at the lengths this scum will go through in pushing their motives and their agenda.
  5. Whaddya get when you breed a drunken redneck with a muslim? "Bubba Mohammered".
  6. For the past five years, I made it a point to always grab a box/ brick of .22 ammo at every gun show, sporting goods store, and Walmart visit. The thing I'm pissed off about is that I didn't grab two or three boxes/ bricks each visit!
  7. Do we now have to start fanning you with a palm leaf? TV dinner trays make great fans.
  8. My mind's eye has now offended me What... You don't like redheads?
  9. If I was the owner of a fast food joint, I would have offered the same deal, but for open carry customers. Damn shame, the word "permit". Maybe I'll take a trip down there and see if I can get three free meals! (got three state ccw permits)
  10. What a bunch of traitorous bastards. Shame on them, but I do love my heavy barreled .308 and .204 in model 700 that I won't part with under any circumstance!
  11. I played with the thought of getting the Circuit Judge when it first came out. That looks like the Circuit Judge on steroids! That little breech loader in the picture below it looks interesting.
  12. I'm thinking I would have to have arms at least 6' long to be able to play "Russian Roulette" with that thing!
  13. You mean this one http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/87111-why-so-paranoid/ Actually, it was the bottom one of the two posts that you posted (#26) on that "Paranoid" thread. When I click on the link, it takes me to a page that says..."Sorry, we couldn't find that". I think that page was maybe deleted. It also says I don't have permission to view this topic, for some reason. I remember on that very thread, another member on here talked about laughing so hard that his contact lens fell out. If someone was able to retreve that post, it would make my day. That was hilarious when S.
  14. "I represent Montana — that's my first loyalty," Baucus said. "They're my employers. That's why I'm here." Don't forget those words, Buttkiss!!
  15. I just bought a Viridian C5l 100 lumen light/ green laser combo for my XD-40 sub-compact. I've always wanted a nice bright little weapon light with a green laser for my carry weapon that didn't protrude past the barrel of my pistol. This baby completely fits the bill. It's water/ shock proof, and has six different combination settings you can set it for, Light only, laser only, light and laser, three dimness settings on the light, and pulsating or continuous beam on the laser. I also ordered a TacLoc Enhanced Combat Readiness holster made specifically for your choice of railed pistol wit
  16. I like my 2 3/4" Centurions. One big ole' .65 caliber steel ball on top of six #1 buckshot coming at you at 1300 fps. I bought a shitload of them a few years back. I'm also very partial to 3" Remington Accu-Tip sabot slugs. I can pull 3" groups at 100 yrds all day long out of my rifled 870, I use these babies on deer in my yard. Just wish they weren't so damned expensive.
  17. I noticed a lot of these poor girls are amputees from the knees down.
  18. Looks like these are some scammin' NAGRs, this organization. I mean, come on. How these NAGRs gonna act. Another wolf in a sheep cloak, as far as these NAGRs go. I'll stick with SAF, and GOA. I was a little cautious when this NAGR first came around a few months ago, but now after reading some of the articles about these recent events, I know now that these are some scammin' assed NAGRs!
  19. Owner looked like a symphony conductor with that bat. Some nice opra music in sinc with the swings would've been nice!
  20. I'm thinking, "Changbrownwicz" or "Tyroneleeberger" would've made a fine name for your ethic combo!
  21. "WHEW"!! I would've built a very nice display case for that belt. He was a half inch shy of losing his proper digesting and pooping ability for life.
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