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Found 24 results

  1. Russian Izhmash Saiga 7.62 AK federal 922 Compliant in its present config, i The conversion was done with all top quality parts, this rilfe is an excellent trouble free 7.62x39 shooter. The barrel is chrome lined and in excellent condition, the fire control group is Tapco G2, the stock is Arsenal, the rail system is by Chaos. The Eotech scope is not included. The stock has an eastern block cleaning kit that inserts through a trap door in the butstock and it also comes with a cleaning rod. It also has a side mount scope adapter on the receiver if you want to go comblock style scope. if you
  2. Hi I lost the bolt for my Saiga 7.62. Where can I get a replacement? Thanks Bryan
  3. A couple short questions, here goes. Will the import ban ever end resulting in return to old prices? I see there still available both 7.62 for $599 and 20g for around $700 are these left overs or is there a way they are still coming in? If they are leftovers will there ever be a loophole found where they can be imported through an intermediary? Where have you all found is to be the cheapest vendor where Saigas can be had? Also Im seeing a 7.62 with a heavier receiver and removable stock looks a little different then the one I bought in 2011 what the deal with this model?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to the community. I purchased a Saiga 7.62x39 rifle from a local shop here in Washington, and then set out on the journey of converting it to not being stupid. Here's a picture if you're interested. This image is a little bit after the conversion process with the grip and before I finished threading the barrel and attaching the compensator and the bullet guide. Anyways, so, an idiot (myself) took his time drilling out the hole for the bullet guide screw, and then took his time with the tap, and, lo and behold, I broke it off inside of the gun. As seen i
  5. Hey Gang, New to the forum and just completed my first Saiga conversion (7.62). I like what I have on it but not sure if I like the Mako stock or if I should put the K-Var I originally bought back on. Let me know your opinions on this or any other items/What would you do differently?Thanks again for all the great information. Finished with... -Duracoat tactical black -Arsenal USA AK-74 style Compensator -Mako stock -Hogue grip and hand guards -XS tritium night sights -JTE Performance Power Hammer Spring -Shepherds hook -Tromex Tapco G2 trigger group -Tromex oversized bolt hand
  6. I'm still a little mixed up on importers and what they did to them once they arrived here in the states. Did some importers mill new receivers on some of these rifles and reassemble them before passing them on, or did they come that way from Russia? I am now seeing a FIME type/importers version of a Arsenal in 7.62x39 (I know, I'm crossing forums, I posted in both... hope you don't mind) and something about Arsenal phasing out some/all of it rifles. I know its tough, but could someone school me in Importers/setups reliability and desirability (.223-5.56-7.62 or even .308)? I am goi
  7. I'm still a little mixed up on importers and what they did to them once they arrived here in the states. Did some importers mill new receivers on some of these rifles and reassemble them before passing them on, or did they come that way from Russia? I am now seeing a FIME type/importers version of a Arsenal in 7.62x39 (I know, I'm crossing forums, I posted in both... hope you don't mind) and something about Arsenal phasing out some/all of it rifles. I know its tough, but could someone school me in Importers/setups reliability and desirability (.223-5.56-7.62 or even .308)? I am goi
  8. looking to buy a saiga rifle or an ak. please let me know what you have. looking to spend around 650$ or more depending on what it is and how many mags, etc. thank you
  9. Looking to trade for a mil (preferred) or commercial spec MOE or CTR stock. Any color, pretty much any condition. I have some poly 30 round Master Molder US Mags with 7.62x39 Golden Tiger FMJBT I might part with.... PM Me, lets make a deal!
  10. Just a heads up on a new offering, PPS 43 pistols are being offered wwith the stock mounted in the folded position. I have just send a dozen 9mm 16 inch barrels off to be black nitrate finished. This will allow the 7.62 x 25 pistol to be used as a 9mm carbine. The muzzle is threaded 1/2 x 28. Removal and installitation is a simple press fit.
  11. Hey folks, does anyone out there have any experience with the new Sig Sauer 716 yet? I'm shopping around for a .308/7.62x51mm battle rifle and needless to say the Sig 716 caught my eye. I've spent some time with the M14/M1A but it just doesn't really grab me, just I'm not into the ergonomics like I was expecting to be. The FN SCAR-H seems like a really cool, high-tech rifle that is worth further investigation, but it simply too overpriced in my opinion to be considered. I don't like that it uses proprietary mags either. I became quite enamored with the FAL platform after shooting a friend'
  12. Used Ultimak gas tube/scout rail -$65 shipped SOLD AK gas tube and handguard set -$30 (sold as package, gas is used but in good condition, the handguard top is a bulgy surplus and the bottom is new off a sagia 5.45) PP gift, no shipping outside CONUS.
  13. Savage M10 BAS-K - .308/7.62x51 24inch Free Float Fluted Barrel with Muzzle Brake Adjustable Stock with cheek piece 10 Round Detachable Magazine Adjustable Harris Bipod Accu-Trigger SWFA SS 10x42 Scope with 6 Screw 30mm Rings ACU patterned padded soft case (drag bag) I'll throw some .308 in too to get you started. (FTF ONLY) She kick's like an AR and shoots .5 MOA at 200yds with Walmart Ammo. $1800 SHIPPED Will sell without scope and rings for $1500 SHIPPED or just the gun for $1400 SHIPPED
  14. Looking for an unconverted 7.62x39 Saiga. MUST HAVE DIMPLES! New or used, doesn't matter.
  15. My first saiga conversions with pics before and after. Constructive criticism welcomed, I know I can't please everyone. Looking to add an akm front sight block and slant brake to the 7.62 (wood) and ak74 fsb with zig zag brake to the 5.45 (dark earth polymer) also I'm thinking about switching the stock on the 5.45 to a dark earth 6 position stock crapco perhaps. I just don't like the finish on the fixed stock that is currently on it right now. Before: http://m1060.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/izzy91_30/IMAG0581.jpg.html?o=2&newest=1 after: http://m1060.photobucket.com/albumvi
  16. From the album: my first conversions

    7.62 mods: g2 fcg, laminate wood stock, laminate wood handguards, Bulgarian lower handguard retainer, Bulgarian upper gas tube, black polymer pistol grip and solar tactical mag lock/bullet button, used cotter pins to hold axis pins and black nylon hole plugs from lowes. 5.45 mods: g2 fcg, tapco fixed stock in flat dark earth, black utg style quadrail handguards, flat dark earth rubber rail covers, flat dark earth magpul angled foregrip gen 1, hogue desert tan pistol grip, solar tactical bullet button, black nylon pole plugs and cotter pins from lowes for axis pin And old holes, and upper
  17. From the album: my first conversions

    5.45 on the left and 7.62 on the right. I vented the stock handguards myself
  18. From the album: my first conversions

    7.62 in wood on the left and 5.45 in dark earth poly on the right
  19. WTB-All Saiga Surefire Promag-7.62x39 MAGAZINES Looking for all sizes of mags for -NON converted- saiga 7.62x39 rifle Trade a Russian triangle aks 74 Triangle folder STOCK ONLY no hardware and unissued Soviet wood handgaurds (vented)
  20. SOLD thanks! Pre Ban Calyco AK Produced at Ling Hua in China Blued finish Greenish black fiberglass furniture. Numbers Match Includes Chinese mag pictured As I understand it these were the earliest Chinese imports. predating Norinco and Polytech. Some marks/light pitting in the finish but its still looks great. bore and internals look good. This a really neat and uncommon gun and its tough to let it go. More pics >>>>>>> http://smg.photobuck...IMullon/Clayco/ Will ship in Plano Hard Guncase $1600 Shipped
  21. Hey everybody, Im relatively new to this forum, but have gotten information regarding the saiga 7.62x39 conversion I did recently. Just wanted to get some input on what you guys think about it. Go easy tho as it was my first conversion and my first Saiga rifle. Here are the parts i used: K-var buttstock UTG quad rail Magpul AFG v2 Tapco G2 trigger group moddified Retaining plate Hogue Pistol Grip Standard bolt on angled trigger guard. Ncstar Tactical Flashlight Round Bullet Guide. All the internals were purchased from Carolina Shooters Supply, which I might add has been a pleasure
  22. WTS Norinco SKS - in great mechanical condition, bore is bright and shiny. Comes as pictured, with sling and 10-pocket stripper clip pouch, no bayonet. Also includes 10 stripper clips, not pictured. $300 + actual shipping. Must ship to an FFL, or sell FTF in or around Omaha, NE - can come shipped from an FFL here, or directly from me - shipping will probably be lower if your FFL accepts shipments from individuals. Possible trades (partial or full trades welcome) - 7.62x39 or 7.62x25 ammunition, Romanian TTC or Yugoslavian M57 pistol, extra factory magazines for either pistol - plent
  23. Hi All, I've been lurking for the past month or so and reading all over, trying to find answers to a conversion question. I recently got x2 7.62x39 Saigas with the expectation that I'd convert them. I have limited firearms experience, and this is my first foray into AK territory (I have put about 150 rounds through my Mini-30). I have been looking on Carolina Shooters Supply, but am a bit overwhelmed with all of the conversion kits listed there.What conversion kit would you get, and why? I also see you can upgrade a few other items like grip, hammer spring and extended bolt handle... would yo
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