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Cancelled my subscription this morning. Netflix will never get another dime from me.



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The Obamas have already announced their first production.


It will be a remake of The Jeffersons starring Elijah Cummings and Maxine Waters.


Or Michelle with special guest Hillary Clinton in "I'm disappointed in this deplorable county of racists."* :rolleyes:


*(make sure you buy your tickets first if you are White though, and absolutely no refunds). :lol: 

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Cobsidering netflix removed last man standing without even getting the last 2 seasons up. I've noticed lots of good shows go. I haven't cancelled, but i will be sure to not watch anything from those clowns and make sure to low rate the shows they produce.

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I've enjoyed a few series productions, and some movies, but don't really watch Netflix all that much. I'll ignore their productions just like many others on Netflix I have not watched. No big deal.

(I split the cost of it with my buddy, anyway.  ;)  )

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When it was $free$ I used to watch it.  A few good shows and films.  Then they cut out all the good stuff.  You had to pay.  Now apparently they have cut out everything good even though it is no longer free.  sad.png

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