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Glock Drum coming in October

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These should start shipping to our vendors in late October. MSRP is $70.00. 9mm drum holds 50 and the .40 cal holds 48!  

We have been trying to get them to make them in 45 Auto for months.    


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Thanks. just to clarify they are made in South Korea, we helped work the kinks out and get them working. Of course we are selling them to distributors so like the glock happy sticks you can pick them up from our dealers and distributors. first shipment should be here in 2-3 weeks. also get them now because these were delayed by 2 months due to costs of materials going up and R&D going over budget, so on the second shipment the msrp and selling price will be higher by like $10.00. just a heads up.

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Thats going on the 'must have' list!!! Can you speak to how much metal reenforceing (mentioned in the video review) there is around the feed lips? Also, if it does need cleaned, is that something that can be done by the end user without any special tools? Thanks!

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there are no metal inserts around the feed lips only on the body of the tunnel. we agreed with them on the design of not having metal in the feed lips because the slide is not being held open by the tunnel, feed lips, follower or tower. we do not recommend taking them apart at all. if they get a little sluggish i would recommend just adding some graphite down the tower like the ar-15 drums but we have not done that yet on any of the test drums


keep in mind the drum Military Arms Channel reviewed and tested has well over 2,000 rounds through it. Hell he put probably 500 rounds through it himself lol, I know I put 1,000 myself then Kerry on the first video we did of it put a bunch through it. Then we sent it to several companies to test before they would carry it so it may have close to 4,000 rounds. So with that many rounds and shipping back and forth I also dropped it like 3 or 4 times on accident I am not concerned about them getting dirty very much on the inside. osrry posting from my phone. spelling and such is probably fudged.

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we started shipping them late last week and continue to ship them today, as for pricing it has increased due to delays and R&D costs. I believe all the usual suspects will have them, CSS, MAA, J&G, Centerfire, Classic, Copes and so on

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