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$999.99 VEPR 12 Folders!!!

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My ass about hurtz reading that.
Hopefully it has the pin and other hardware to make it work right if you cut the weld.
At least then, you won't have to just replace the spring after cutting the weld.

Don't take offence though.
I paid over $1,000.00 just to get a first-US-run V-12 in stock so I could record the specs.
And MY shit had a spraypainted 1970's AKM takeoff stock with a fuckin' piece of poster-board screwed onto the bottom, rendering the trap-door useless on its sorry-ass.
If you can just cut the weld, and you're good to go, I'd say #Winning. :)

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Back in stock for $999 but... not for sale in CA. Sure as usual...

Had to get one from Legion shipped to CA for extra $$$.



Handguns must be on the California Approved Handgun List
No Mags over 10 rounds
No Semi-Auto Rifles
No Semi-Auto Shotguns

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There were / are a bunch of vepr dealers sourced from various importers, all of which are letting them out below 1k. Clearly a supply / demand. Market is down since it is has been flooded by those that over-bought during the surge. At the same time the importers probably rushed to buy alot as well to supply the demand at the time, the problem is the supply didn't catch up (imports) until the demand slowed down. 


Just a guess.

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Classic just put up the folders at $799/shipped.  Got me off my butt to buy one....now to read up on converting it for 10rd mags.


I understand that there's no provision for swapping the stock, correct? I'd need to get a version with wood stock for the proper trunnion.

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