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Seeking tactical Ruger 10/22 build advice

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Hello Guys:


I own a standard Ruger 10/22 with a wood stock. It's a fun gun, but not quite as accurate as I'd like. I don't mean to sound like I've been living under a rock, but I've only recently learned about the Ruger 10/22 Target Barrel model. Then I learned you can build your own "tacticool" gun too with the 10/22 aftermarket products.


I think a fun project would be to use the wood laminate stock linked below by Boyds:




And an 18" Shaw blued heavy barrel:




( Sorry ... the computer I'm on is not allowing pictures to paste)


I am wondering if anyone sells seperate Ruger 10/22 receivers or actions so I don't have to sacrifice my standard 10/22. Midway does not.


With regards to the wood stock linked above, does anyone know if it comes with finishing instructions? Or can you share pictures of your finished stocks and how you finished it?


I am not a gunsmith nor a .22 LR tournament shooter. This just looks like a really fun project. Thus, my contentment with an E.R. Shaw barrel instead a Volquartsen.


Any advice and tips are appreciated. I just want the experience.


Thanks! :-)



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Some of the guys had some cool modified 10/22's and ideas in the "tactical" .22 thread I started a few weeks ago.






Get ready to be reamed for saying "tactical" in regards to a 22.     smile.png





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I put this one together using High Tower Armory kit and a Green Mtn bull barrel. I have seen receivers for sale on GB, but usually for about the same as a regular 1022.





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I suggest power customs' trigger group. Extended mag release. Stock of your choice+ 3-9x50 glass. Everything else stock. I don't believe the fancy barrels really shoot measurably better than the basic factory one.


Extractors are a waste of money, mostly. blow backs use inertia and the ejector to kick out shells. If you are getting stove pipes, a new extractor will do nothing. (they are only for manual cycling, such as extracting out a dud.)




I really like the fajen 6 way stock, ,like I have here, as well as the butler creek side folder. i guess that's why I own those two. Older butler creek stocks like this one have an extra inch or so of length of pull, which helps them to clearance some drum mags, etc. I believe Fajen stocks are simpler and cheaper now than the one shown. It is right handed, so if you are lefty, this will not help



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Beware all who enter here the fun and madness of Ruger 10-22 ownership. There is no hope.  No escape.  Prepare to empty your wallets.  Completely.  Signs and symptoms include giggles, smiles, laughs, much fun and other.  We have had the most fun recently just shooting off our mundane Ruger SBR. 


Has a chopped and shortened Choate folder, an 8 inch Green Mountain SS bull 1X9 twist Bentz chamber barrel, a Elite Iron 6" Echo Can, the usual stuff inside the trigger housing, the kinda newer Leopold 1x4x20 scope and a big bag full of Butler Creek 25 round mags. 


Normal ammo is Aquila SSS 60 gr SS thumpers.  The wild mean nasty chicken and garden killing pack rats, racoons, skunks, possums, foxes, squirrels, wild kiddie cats and the like do not stand a chance.  Pop, thud, pop, thud.  Repeat as necessary.  Video coming.  That is all.  HB


Oh ... forgot ... All US Code Laws And NFA Rules Apply.  SW Oregon.  You state and local laws may very greatly.


Nodak Spud has billet 10-22 receivers in various configurations.  Spendy but nice.

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ER Shaw barrels are high quality and consistently produce more accuracy than most of us can utilize with human error factored in. The standard 10-22 receiver is fine, although getting the factory barrel out can sometimes cause some cussing. (I would have sworn mine was welded into the receiver) Get a good trigger group, some decent glass, and have fun with the project.

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I've done business with these people and they are fast and available for CS. I have no affiliation with them, but they have reasonable prices. They offer an 80% 10/22 receiver as well as a finished one and lots of parts, triggers, mags, stocks, etc., too numerous to put it all down. Fun too look at all the other stuff I will never buy.


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That stainless underfolder is nice!


Mine is still pretty much stock except for a vent handguard and slip on flash hider.  I had the Bingham mag adapter and 4 30rnd mags, but the springs are worn, so I switched to the BX-25's.  The Tasco 6-24x scope makes her a sweet critter gun.


The flash hider allows insertion of 1/2" CPVC pipe for......... 

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We also had a bitch of a time getting the OEM barrel out of our Ruger 10-22 receiver.  Finally used the family deep freeze and froze the barreled receiver.  Put the barrel in a 5 inch smooth jaw bench vice wrapped in carpet scraps and torqued it up real real tight.  Then a padded wrench on the receiver.  We were very careful.  Weak aluminium.  Once it broke loose we could turn it and tap it off at the same time.  Freezing it seemed to work for us.   The Green Mountain 8 inch barrel also at first was too tight.  Some emery paper fixed that.  Hope this helps.  HB  All US Code Law And NFA Rules Apply

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I have a couple Kidd drop-in FCG's that are near magical. I originally intended to rebuild my stock ones with Volquartsen parts, decided to take the "swimmin' downstream' approach and couldn't be happier.

Just think about pullin' the trigger and......


-Guido in Houston

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