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    My mother was born and raised just 2 blocks from where the riots have burnt a good portion of it. I was born close to the area and remember spending the summer with my grandparents there. It was a great place to live. But like all cities the middle and upper middle class moved out of downtown Minneapolis and went to the suburbs. Minneapolis has become like many cities only attractive to the lower class. Crime is high and tax dollar intake is not enough to sustain it. It will take years to rebuild this area if it ever will. Now they have voted to end the police force? This city is now Detroit and will never come back Ever! St Paul is the same . As I start my 3rd year of retirement I find it funny that I do not think of what I used to do ever. The wife dose not have to worry about my safety anymore but still watches police shows 90% of the time ?????? but I Love Her so much. Still carry every day as I have for years, Go nowhere, work on my Guns, Guitars ,make holsters , walk 4 miles and swim 1 mile every day except Sunday. Pretty sure I can swim 1000 meters in less than 20 minutes but why? Life Is wonderful and I am blessed beyond anything . All this unrest will fade as it always does like a coral reef always growing larger on what was once alive. Everyone be safe . God Bless
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    With the pandemic raging, I wanted to take a minute to tell all my bros on S-12 to hang in there and don't let the fake news get you down. We'll get this licked. Stay safe.
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    I'm pretty sure I had this crap in December. I ran a fever off and on for a few days. That coupled with some other issues was really clobbering me. I had a dry cough for weeks and never thought much about it. A lot of people around here are saying they had a similar experience before this stuff got sensationalized.
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    One thing this has, I hope, shown this country is that you can't depend on a hostile communist regime for many of the essential items a country needs to thrive and survive. China is not our friend and the faster we divest ourselves from dependence on them the better. Praying for all here and our country.
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    I will not be communicating from 10-26-2019 to 10-28-2019. I will start catching up on comms 10-29-2019. Thank you for understanding.
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    I'm not sure if it will ever happen, but I have been wanting to move somewhere that I can shoot on site. This would have to happen in an area where ground water isn't an issue and in Open Rural zoning, which would generally be on the Northwest area in this county. I would dig a pond as deep as I could legally get away with and off of that pond I would dig at least one lane or a loop above the clay layer or at least above where I might expect maximum water level to be during the wet season. Dirt from the pond and lane or loop would be used to hide the lanes (blend from existing grade to top of berms) at the same time as creating a more generous berm by the lane being down below existing grade. I would like to not be able to see the lanes at all from the home, but at least be able to fire down one of the lanes from inside of my shop. That's kind of the point, open the door of the shop, wheel a custom shooting bench to the door, and fire from the comfort of shade and AC or go down to the lane and fire. All of my steel targets are on stands and angled down. The target design and having the actual shooting area below surrounding grade should eliminate ricochet. As far as landscaping goes, I would let everything grow wild except immediately around the house and shop, and a line from the shop to the target area. I'm not a fan of creating a lot of landscaping to maintain.
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    You may have to download the mag by 1 round. One round less may take the pressure off enough to prevent round deformation.
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    Just loaded 400 rounds of 300 blackout and 400 round of 556. Went to our Local Farm store Rural King to get pork rinds and the the gun department was packed with dozens of people filling out paperwork or buying ammo. One way or another things will even out. The real truth of Life is we all have a capacity to Hate. Getting over it is the real task even when we know we will always be hated. Defeat your enemy's and then move on. This is what will bring us to normal
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    It is likely about 19-3/16". There really isn't much to gain there without going SBS. I'd leave it as-is. If you are just bored and pretty good with your hands maybe it is worth it, but it definitely wouldn't be worth it to pay someone else to do it.
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    I always liked his acting just fine. Extremely well done! ...another great speech:
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    Did you do this with a full mag? Try downloading the mag. Start with ONE shell in the mag and see if it loads right, then work your way up from there. You could just have issues with a stiff mag spring.
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    China must pay. I don't know how, but they must pay for this.
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    Highpockets... Someone spent a bit of money to put it together that way from the original factory configuration. Change anything you don't like, and keep what you do. If it's the way you like it...then you scored a great find!! You didn't have to mess with it to get what you wanted! It's only more desirable to someone who wants their rifle set up that way. If you're happy with it... It sure beats having to source all the aftermarket parts and do the work yourself... You get the benefit without the hassle!!😁😁😁
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    A brand name only impresses snobs. I've shot many guns others have brought to the range, name brand, off-brand, and homebrew. Stars and clunkers both in most of them. Look how people used to turn up their noses at a Savage Tactical, but spent $$$ for a (insert high speed low drag name here) that shot the same give or take a very small margin. ...bless their little hearts.
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    I trust nothing about all that we have heard about this. I think it is the most significant 'slight of hand' trick every played on American citizens. They are trying to keep us distracted from something else or they are setting us up to be accepting of something we would otherwise never allow.
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    Been a long time.... Ended up chopping down my LAC rail was a little too long.. Magpul CTR StockAce Folding Stock AdapterMagpul Grip Tapco G2 Arhipov's Lever HK Sights (Tritium Inserts) Russian Mags Leykom Armory Customs VEPR Hand Guard (modified and chopped) CSS Piston and regulator BCM Covers Magpul Sling Mount Magpul Sling Surefire Scout Weapon Light BoneSteel Firestorm (permanently attached) Accuracy International Dark Earth Cerakote
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    I think we've had quite enough of Chinese curses for awhile. All counrties affected by this escaped Chinese bioweapon known as Covid 19 need to tally up the total cost of this pandemic as close as they can and subtract it from any loans they have with China, as well as use it pay off any money owed to them for goods and/or services, then bill them for the balance, payable immediately.
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    Still able to get filters for my mask around here. I'm running a P100 rated for acid vapor. Entertainment business is tits-up. Snagged the last 3 boxes of auto match, and the buckshot and AR/AK are gone. Glad I put up 4500 in 5.56 strippers when I did. AK's and S-12's are on hot standby. Repacked the freezer while everyone was fighting over toilet paper and bottled water. Won't be too bad if this goes six months, but will need resupply if it goes longer. Don't want to hit the bunker if I can help it. Most of the stocks are holding pretty good as they're in foods and paper, so we have money. Mom is so glad I'm at home with her right now! She'd be real scared if she was alone.
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    I don't know what to say. Really. All these people hoarding should have their asses kicked. Literally. This shit is just unreal. Yes, China should be held accountable for this shit. Just as with the other shit sandwich viruses that came from them. But they will not. China's grasp is far too powerful. Now, as for the US, we CAN come away from this with our economic heads out of our asses IF we learn to start cutting reliance on them. We shall see. But I believe to many Politicians as well as Business's have deep pockets with them. AND I hope the media gets it in their ass for all of these maniacal and relentless BS reporting they are doing. Stay safe, stay smart and this too shall pass.
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    Shannon, at cobra has had some very difficult family issues recently... I'm confident things will be back to normal in short order.
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    Last year I had to turn around and go home because of my knee .Had surgery and a long recovery but doing great now. May I started to get my body back in shape and lost 72 pounds fast walking.3mile on tread mill and 3/4 miles swimming 6 days a week. I am ready! We leave tomorrow evening and I will be in the wild Thursday Can't wait, can't wait! Wish me Luck
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    I am pretty sure I have one left over from when I modified an MD-20 for use in a Vepr-12 magwell. Email me your address and I'll send it to you if I can find it. My memory is very bad but I could have sworn I saw it today looking through some old parts bins.
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    Well we are back home in FL and we came home with a cooler full of pheasants. This is one of the best years we have had. Carlos our 14 year old champion black lab and 2 time cancer survivor went out just weeks after cancer surgery" demanded to go "and even though he had a hard time keeping up he still retrieved a few birds. My big brother would not have it any other way. Our dogs did well Manny, Jet and Carlos what a team. After Thanksgiving we went to Nebraska and then through the blue mountains on our way to Charleston Brought back a few guns to work on for next year . Had a great time. The wife said it was the best time we have ever had.
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    And the right grade of steel, and the ability to precisely heat treat. ARs are easy to make because all the pressure bearing components are non serialized in USA. Those are the hard bits to make safely at home. Europe doesn't care about receivers for that reason, they care about barrels, bolts, trunions, etc. Hence serials on those parts in EU guns. Import AKs tend to have serials on both parts as a compromise to the US system. The S12 and derrivatives got approved using the system from Europe, without any thought towards making them easy to clone or remake. There's no money in that for the manufacturer, and no surplus market, since it was never a mass issued gun to turn into parts kits. Further, all the pockets in an 80% Ar receiver are vertical plunge operations. Everything tricky has already been done. An AK trunion has a lot of complex geometry that isn't just going to happen with a drill press. It would be pretty hard to measure without custom jigs, let alone make. Part of why ARs are clever, is that he borrowed johnson's clever thinking about how to make easier to machine precise lugs, then made it in two pieces, so that it is a single broaching operation which can be cleaned up on a lathe, then joined to the barrel, then heat treated as a unit.
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    3 generations of hunters which included my big brothers grandson, watched as the young man shot his first rooster on his first day. Grampa and all of us were real proud. He is 14 and a pro trap shooter but learned that he had to be a lot faster. Getting pheasant every day and I clean them fast and perfect. holding up well, snow tonight which means a great 2 more days before we leave for Nebraska. There is still grease in the bearings of this old car. You all have a great Thanksgiving I will.
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    Try not breathing and see her dilemma. Get a quartz heater for your radiant heat.
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    I made this video and review for another website, but it occurs to me that a few of the people here might appreciate it. I've been doing this method since about 2013 and it works really well: This is by far the fastest most reliable way I have tried to get the right number of pellets in the right place.
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    Just go for it and the rest will sort itself out. Remember this is fun right? No one ever has the perfect gun. They have a lot of less than perfect guns that shoot just fine. Now ! Get off the fence and build that sucker and we will want pictures. Have fun you could live in LA
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    a fact most people seem to lose sight of.
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    As long as you are having fun. That is what it is all about.
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    Two words Family Breakdown.
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    Saiga-12 is 1.5mm too. The bulged receiver (around the trunnion) is the main design difference in the V12 and S12 receivers. Saiga rifles had 1.0 thick receivers as well as most rifle varants.. OP, I haven't handled any of the JTS product yet, but it looks to have the same front handguard retainer width as an AKM. You should email me. I will send measurements of a couple of handguards and you can compare it with what you have to shed some light on your options. evlutionz@yahoo.com
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    I know someone who is printing A arms for RC trucks and some of these polymer formulas are extremely durable. His last longer than the factory injection molded ones. I am sure that whatever he is using would make a usable mag.
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    🍿 2 minutes with a search engine: https://www.facebook.com/evlutionz/
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    Ya know the ol'saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Well KUSA was gracious enough to send some swag with my order in the form of a KUSA KP9/KR9 Backpack. I have to say that gesture is quite appreciated, over the top customer service. Now the least I can do is post some pics and review it. The KUSA Backpack seems well built, the fabric, straps, MOLLE, zippers and sewing all seem decent materials for the price point. It secures the weapon well, plenty of room for most gear, eyes, ears, mags, ammo, tools, trauma kit and whatever else. I can easily tote all the above, with up to 500rds of ammo. Four internal mag pouches, room for more stored loose, and MOLLE pouches can be attached. I have the bag loaded with the KP9, 6 loaded mags, six 50rd boxes ammo, eyes/ears, holstered XD9 w/ extra mag, twenty 8" targets, notepad/pen and a trauma kit. And there is room for more gear. Initially I give it 4:5 stars. There are a couple of points internally where exposed stitching causes me concern, possible lack of durability due to abrasion. Small Top Pouch Ammo, trauma kit, eyes or other misc. Outermost Pocket Data books, pens, ammo, eyes/ears or other misc. Middle Pocket 4 magazine pouches and room for lots of other gear. Inner Pocket Weapon Securement and room for lots of other gear. Opposing side has a large mesh pouch that nicely fits round 6"-8" Shoot-N-C targets, should fit 10" too. Notebooks and other misc. Backside, there is an internal pouch that could be used for such as extra padding or even a ballistic plate.
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    I have a lot of trunnions. $25 shipped for a S12 takeoff or send me the gun and I will provide and install a trunnion for $80. You provide return shipping. Email me if you need some help.
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    Bet the bolt was ahead of the carrier and not cammed into it.
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    I have not posted in awhile either. Hi y'all. I would keep the 20 inch, cut the barrel down to 18.5" and thread for an appropriate flash hider.
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    And it beats the hell out of people. I’ll try one, but prob not buy.
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    Looks like a DPMS oversized safety.
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    Watching the video, I noticed that the muzzle likes to climb. My Saiga doesn't climb that bad, and the weapon returns to target when the bolt comes to battery. That and reloads would take forever compared to a box mag. Also don't like the 2 position gas system. You always start shooting in the wrong position! My only likes are the chokes plus threaded muzzle, and it's Israeli made.
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    That's a really cool vision. Wishing you the best.
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    Find someone with a BRAIN, pass it on to them before you hurt someone.
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    I think I may have a new favorite. This was a customer gun. It is basically what evl grade was meant to be, minus the AK100 stock. The gun just looks clean and serious. No BS anywhere, what you need on a SBS and nothing that you don't. There is a ton of detail work on this thing.
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    if you are getting hung up about 1/2" before complete close, look at the feed ramp or trunnion. does it have metal on metal rubbings? might need to polish the ramp. a bullet guide may be too thick for a smooth transition of the bolt carrier.
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    Good move. I'm sure he'll do a fantastic job for you!
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    To add to the above, yeah, you may just wanna cut a little piece of pipe for the bullet guide and have a gunsmith weld it in there instead. May cost a little more, but you have a little more security if its welded vs a red locktite screw, and the replacement piece would completely cover the hole you drilled. but if you wanna fiddle around with different screws instead, that will probably work just as well.
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    Thanks for this post. It made me brave enough to just go ahead and do mine. I was going to send it out, but after reading this post I went for it with the little dremel sanding wheel. I needed to bore the back .45" out an additional .025". I went slow and measured many times. Pounded it back on with a rubber mallet, re-set the original pins, and viola! Of course I also fixed the slight cant of the factory front sight install. Thanks again! I saved a little cash and now feel smart enough to fix the cant on the front sight of my other AK.
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