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    Fuck him and his entire commie country. I hope they all die screaming.
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    Thank you. I appreciate that. This is the AK rifle I train with the most. (A close second being a SBR based off of a mini draco) But this was my first Saiga rifle, and holds a special place in my heart.
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    Damn good looking rifle! Well done.
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    Not bad. You're gonna find out it's a loud little thing. Plugs AND muffs.
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    I probably have 300 pics of that gun. Much of it was of the fitting and welding I had to do to make the Krink front half parts work on it, so I could refresh my memory with intricate detail for the next one. Once it was done I couldn't stop staring at it, so I figured I had better get a lot of pics before I shipped it back to the customer. Saigatech modified the length of the handguards on the Krink -12 to fit how the SBS was built and fabricated some of the front half parts. I built the SBS to fit the actual AKSU-74 parts to clone the AKSU-74 as closely as possible. He pioneered it and I tried my best to perfect it. I appreciate the kind words. That took a lot of planning and time. When I have time to do some editing I'll be posting some 8.75" V12SS builds.
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    Nice, I guess you will convert later
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